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Company Overview

We, Green Media SEO, are a leading web design & development firm in the heart of New York city, USA involved in providing an array of web solutions such as, web design and development, search engine optimization, online marketing, copywriting, translation, web usability testing, conversion rate optimization, web performance monitoring and App design and development to the businesses of different types and sizes — small, medium and large, across USA and overseas.

Over the past years, we have handled around 400+ clients and 321 projects helping them to enjoy massive success in increasing their sales and profits and great ROI. Some of our top clients include: Jetwing Hotels, Mas Holdings, British Council, Red Bull, Uni Levers, Oriflame, Mazda, Canon, Peugeot, Pizza Hut etc.

Our Services can be broadly classified into three major areas:

  • Web Design and Development.
  • Search Engine Optimization and
  • Online Marketing.

So, how was Green Media SEO formed?

A decade ago, two young men, Fadil and Suresh passed out of the college, Fadil with a degree in international business and Suresh with a degree in computer science. These two young graduates had one thing in common — both of them had a spark within them that constantly propelled them to go out and do something to the betterment of the business world. They had this strong conviction that the Universe had endowed upon them some special skills to be given to the world. The entrepreneurial spark within them slowly started to engulf them and they became unstoppable. In the journey of pursuing their dreams, these two minds met each other one day and shared their visions that resonated with each other and their skill sets that complemented each other. Two brilliant minds merged together, and Green Media SEO was born.

They did not find excuses or blames but took sheer responsibility and accountability in manifesting their dreams. They didn’t wait for the opportunities to come to their doorstep instead, ran after the opportunities by going door to door. Yes, that’s how they started and today as a result of their sheer hard work and the passion towards what they were doing, Green Media SEO has emerged as one of the renowned firms in the arena of Web design & Development, Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing, with two branches in the USA and one in Sri Lanka, their outsourcing partner.

Who we are and what we do today?

Started small, a decade ago, we slowly set on our journey of helping the business communities in the New York City. Going from door-to-door initially, we gradually snowballed into one of the most appreciated and honored firms in the New York City, USA.

Eventhough the journey was hard we always remembered the story of the growth of the tiny larva into a beautiful butterfly. The tiny larva has to struggle to break open the cocoon and this process squeezes out the harmful fluid from its body and wings so that it can fly. This is a process imposed on them by the Universe to make a beautiful butterfly out of them.

Our story is akin to that of a larva. Today we have a large team of creative and efficient web designers, web developers, SEO specialists, Online marketers, App programmers, copy writers, translators, web usability testers etc. working together producing great results for the business organizations in and around the New York city and overseas.

An online business needs to be built on 3 core components: an impressive and results driven website; all the on-site factors such as the right SEO, effective sales funnel etc. and a proper online marketing strategy. All these three components should function as smooth as a well-oiled machine in order to bring results. A defect in any of the above components will kill your online business. That’s where we come in.

We have the expertise in all the three areas: web design & development, SEO and online marketing. Since we know all the three areas, we can foresee the things and put all the pieces in their right place at the first place itself. For example, when you come to us to build a website, we do a thorough competitor analysis and come not only with a beautiful responsive web design but with the right content strategy. We then optimize the site with SEO strategies, both local and international, depending on your target geo-location and then implement online marketing strategies to increase the visibility of the site with the tracking codes to monitor each and every action of your visitors on your website. We subject all the websites to usability testing with some advanced software.

We do not stop there. We then involve in Conversion Rate Optimization to increase the performance of your website.

To do the above whole process, we have a team specialized in all the areas so, basically, your search for online business ends here as we have everything under one roof making your journey a pleasant one.