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eCommerce Website Development

An eCommerce aspect to your business website is a surefire way to ensure the best return on investment. Such a website, which allows the visitor to purchase a good or service directly online, will create an extraordinary web experience for your customers, while simultaneously contributing to increasing or doubling your revenue in greater proportions. An eCommerce website, or in other words a web store, can also have a very progressive impact on your physical store; however, if you do not have a mortar and brick business, a web store could be an even more effective substitution or an alternative, one that would double your revenue without unnecessary expenditure of your effort or money.

Today the modern, time-starved consumer relies on the World Wide Web to find solutions for or information on just about any aspect of his life; be it medicine for an illness or a place to visit for the first year wedding anniversary. People’s growing dependency on the internet has extended itself into offering a more user-friendly experience for the consumer through eCommerce websites, which has revolutionized the entire shopping experience of the people. They can now purchase about any product or service, from electronic home appliances to cruise ships, with a simple click of their computer mouse or tap on their smart phones!

Green Media SEO in New York is the leading developers of eCommerce websites in New York. We focus our efforts not only on creating a greater experience for your customers, but also on helping you gain more recognition for your own brand.

Benefits of eCommerce website development

Operational costs are considerably lower

The amount of money you will have to invest in an eCommerce website or a web store is significantly lower than the amount you would have to spend on establishing a physical store or purchasing a business premise for that matter. While maintaining a physical store is attached to a lot of extra expenditure, such as employee fees or electricity bills, an eCommerce website requires only the initial fee that would take to design, develop, optimize and launch it; with the return you would make with your booming online business, you will be able to aptly cover all your spending. Therefore a web store is not only a cost-effective method of money-making, but it will also bring you a significant amount of profit.

You will be doing business 24 hours a day

The greatest advantage of eCommerce website development is that your store will be open all the time; hence you will be making money even when you are fast asleep at night. Unlike with a mortar and brick business, a sales person does not need to be available to assist the customer in a web store. The customer has the ability to shop, select, purchase and to order the product all by himself, and he can do it anytime of any day. This will not only make a convenient shopping experience for your customer, but it will also help you conduct business without wasting much effort or money. Since your web store will be open 24/7, you will be able to increase your revenue and the productivity of your eCommerce business.

You will be able to expand your clientele and increase sales

A physical store is exclusive to a particular geographical area, but a store online can be reached out to by people despite territorial boundaries, or in other words anyone anywhere in the world can make a purchase any time of day. Consequently you will be able to expose your brand not only to local customers, but also to potential customers from overseas who would be interested in the convenience and the enjoyment of an eCommerce shopping experience. These new customers will contribute immensely to creating widespread reputation for your brand and increasing your conversion rates, hence your revenue. Each new market you will be able to discover will open up limitless sales opportunities for you.

You will be able to offer your customers a great user experience

A great eCommerce website development plan will be based on improving the experience of the visitor; this will include optimizing images, content, navigation, loading speed etc. Features such as shopping carts, filtering, product catalogs or guidelines, administration panels, discounts, shipping and payment gateways etc. can complement the shopping experience of your customers. You can also delight your visitors with information about your latest launches, special offers such as vouchers and email newsletters. If you are able to impress your customers with such a user-friendly experience, it will increase the chances of them returning to your eCommerce website, and even recommending it to their friends.

More traffic and more visibility on search engines

Our team (specially our SEO gurus) at Green Media SEO can help your eCommerce site rank among the top results on search engine results pages, by optimizing each and every element of it, from its content to its link profile. eCommerce SEO is the key to increasing your website’s online visibility in search engines and getting a top rank in SERPs. The more visible your website is on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, the more organic web traffic you will receive. We can encourage your web visitors to convert from mere web browsers to loyal paying customers by creating an impressive web user experience that would gratify and satisfy them. This will directly increase your conversion rates and profits.

Sell a variety of goods with eCommerce website development

Through an eCommerce website you have the ability to sell a wide range of products and services, without having to restrict yourself to any particular product or service. Owning an eCommerce website is like owning a department store online. While founding a physical department store can cost you more money than you can ever afford, you can easily establish an online mall with the help of the concept of eCommerce. You can either sell an array of products or services pertaining to the same line of field, or you can sell a wide variety of goods and services, in either case you do not have to limit yourself. This way you will be able to attract and cater to more customers with different interests and needs.

How to develop a more usable eCommerce website

Simple navigation

One of the key factors which affect the decision of a web visitor to stay on your website is the website’s navigation. If the navigation is complicated and makes it difficult for the visitor to get from one web page to the other, the chances are that the visitor would abandon the website before he takes any action. Hence providing them with navigation that allows them to browse through your products conveniently will lead to higher conversion rates.

Detailed product description

When it comes to an eCommerce website, product description and the product image play the main role in convincing the visitor or the customer to make a purchase of that particular product. Providing a description that conveys useful information about the product will assist the customer in making his decision easily. You can also include the relevant keywords in the content in order to optimize your eCommerce website for search engines.

Clear calls-to-action

Call-to-action or sign up buttons in an eCommerce website should grab the attention of the web visitor and convince them to respond and take an action. While it is important to design the CTA buttons in an alluring manner, the sign up forms should be precise and concise. Unnecessarily long signup sheets which pry into all the personal details of the customer will discourage him from signing up to your website at all. The fewer fields the form has, the better.

Fast loading web site

It is important to be mindful of your eCommerce site’s performance. If the coding is too complicated and the images are not properly formatted, it would impact the performance of the website negatively by slowing down its loading process. Slow loading speeds will create an unnerving shopping experience for the shoppers. If your eCommerce website’s coding is of good quality and your servers are running well, it will create a better user-experience.