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Mobile Website Development

The growth of mobile internet usage has contributed vastly to the increase in the development of mobile websites. Lack of a mobile-friendly website for your business could cost you more than half of your customers and potential customers who surf the web via their smart phones or tablets. While developing a website for desktops or laptops is considerably different to creating one for mobile devices, our competent and professional team at Green Media SEO in New York has the expertise to develop websites that will perform well in and respond to any device, handheld or otherwise.

It goes without saying that this generation is already engulfed by an era of everything mobile, from electronic communication devices to portable DVD players! While a website for a business has become rather a fundamental part of marketing and raising brand awareness, a website that responds to handheld devices has become the ultimate method of reaching out to a wider target market and earning a higher rank on search engine results pages, especially that of Google (which has already decided to give priority to mobile-friendly websites on mobile search results.)

Benefits of mobile website development for your business

A mobile website will provide excellent user experience

Attempting to navigate through a standard website on a mobile device is rather a struggle, for the user constantly has to resize or enlarge the texts and images. Often times such websites which are not optimized for handheld devices take a very long period to load, which in turn would create a harrowing experience for the user.

On the other hand a mobile website is designed on the basis of enhancing the experience of the mobile web user, or in other words those who browse the internet through their mobile phones or tablets. Such sites which are adaptable will surely gratify the browsing experience of your customers, hence making a superior first impression of your business on their minds.

Increase your mobile search rankings

Google’s new mobile-friendly update, which was launched on 21st of April 2015, has left the world of online marketing stirred. The heavy inclination towards this new trend of mobile website development has also led other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing to prioritize websites which responds well to mobile devices.

Consequently a website that adapts well to the smaller screens of smart phones or tablets, have a higher potential for ranking among the top results on mobile searches. The success of your online marketing strategy (with regard to mobile searchers) and your chances of beating your competition, depend largely on your website being ranked high on mobile search results.

Increase user engagement

More than fifty percent of people tend to use their mobile devices to surf the web for the products or services they wish to purchase. Under such a circumstance, a mobile website to represent your business will work well in favor for you, for it will increase the chances of your customers and potential customers engaging with your site.

Not only will your website load faster on the handheld devices of your customers, inviting them to stay on your website and interact with your content and take action, but it will also give them the privilege to faster download speeds and access to information of your products and services anytime anywhere immediately; it’s one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates

Improve the quality of your brand

Being a tech savvy business will surely make a good impression on your clients. They will be able to find your business premises easily with map facilities, which will increase immediate sales. It will also provide the opportunity for your customers to contact you through click-to-call options which will enable you to build on a stronger relationship with them.

Such convenient features will in turn play a part in enhancing the perception your customers form about your brand. In order to build brand authority you need to impress your customers with your promotional campaigns; the easiest way to do so is through mobile website development. With improved brand identification, will come increased customer loyalty.

Better alternative to mobile apps

A mobile website has inherent advantages over a mobile application. Unlike a mobile app which has to be downloaded first before accessing or using it, a mobile-friendly website is readily available for mobile web users over a variety of devices (iPhone, BlackBerry or Android). A mobile site is also way easier to be found by qualified visitors than an app.

Moreover, a mobile website is way more flexible, especially in terms of updating content, than a mobile application. All it takes to upgrade a website is to publish the newly edited content and it will be available for the users instantly, but with an app, each new update needs to be downloaded by the users themselves before they can enjoy the fresh appeal of it.

More effective than other mobile solutions

Compared to other mobile solutions such as mobile apps, mobile website development is more affordable and is more effective. For an example with a mobile website you run the advantage of your website being discovered by potential customers on search engine results pages, while a mobile application can only be found in manufacturer app stores.

Most importantly a mobile website cannot be deleted like an app can be; this surely contributes to the expansion of its lifespan. An average app will be used by a customer only over a period of one month before he discards it; yet a website will always be there for your customers and it won’t take up any space on the storage of their mobile devices like an app does!

Tips for mobile website development

Screen Size

Mobile devices have smaller screen sizes than that of desktop computers or laptops. Consequently, it is important to pay attention when you are selecting images, font types and sizes and call-to-action buttons. If these elements do not fit appropriately on the smaller screen sizes of smart phones or tablets, it will negatively affect user experience.

Mobile SEO

Optimizing your mobile website for search engines is essential for it to get a higher rank in search engines. Content and meta data should be properly optimized with relevant keywords and keywords should be chosen after proper research. It is also important to improve the page loading speeds and the navigation to further improve user experience.


When it comes to content, it is important to remember that the members of your target audience are on the move and that they do not have the time to read and analyze through long complicated content. Hence, it is essential to stick with precise and concise content that is delivered in a manner that would both inform and entertain your customers.

Loading speed

If your mobile website has images that are not properly formatted, it could considerably slow down your website’s loading speed. Such lethargic loading speeds would certainly discourage your customers from staying on the page, hence leading them to abandon your website altogether. Thus, it is important to make sure that your website loads fast.