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Responsive Website Development

To say that mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are replacing laptops and desktop computers is not an overstatement anymore. The influence of globalization has made people become more mobile, to be on the move more often, hence encouraging them to rely on their mobile devices to fulfill most of their needs.

This growing dependency on mobile devices has made it essential for businessmen to develop and invent solutions to cater to their growing base of mobile-reliant customers. Failing to provide these customers with a user friendly web experience may cost them dearly; therefore their only choice is to rely on mobile friendly web solutions such as responsive websites, mobile friendly websites and mobile applications.

Green Media SEO, based in New York, is a highly sought after website development agency. Our team of developers will build you the perfect website to attract more mobile friendly customers and get a higher rank in mobile search engine results pages. Investing in responsive website development is a decision you must take to survive in today’s highly digitalized world.

Benefits of responsive website development

Responsive website development helps you provide better user experience

Most modern consumers are constantly on the move, often moving from one place to another; hence, they use their mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to browse online. If your business website is not mobile friendly, the chances of it ranking on the first mobile result page for their queries will be really low. In order to get a better chance at ranking on the top for relevant search queries, you need to make sure that your website is adaptable on all screen sizes of all devices, whether that of a desktop or a smart phone. A responsive website can adapt itself across multiple screen sizes; hence, it has the ability to provide an excellent user experience for your customers.

Responsive website development is way more affordable than other methods

Not only is a responsive website more affordable than traditional methods of marketing, but it is also more affordable than the other two mobile-friendly marketing solutions; mobile-friendly websites and mobile applications. While maintaining two websites, one for customers who use desktops and the other for customers who use their mobile devices, will certainly be a strain on your budget, developing mobile applications could cost you even more. On the other hand, a responsive website, which can adjust itself across multiple devices, will only cost you the price of one website. Moreover, in the long run, having to maintain only one website will help you save more money as well.

Responsive website development is recommended by Google

A top rank in Google, as the number one search engine, is the dream goal of every businessman with an online marketing strategy. A top rank in Google is not only the best way to get qualified traffic to your website, but it is also the easiest way to increase brand recognition and establish yourself as a reliable web source in the internet. Since Google always invent ways to provide the best user experience for the web searchers, it constantly launches search engine algorithms. Google’s latest mobile friendly algorithm was introduced to help mobile-reliant web searchers find web sources that are mobile friendly. With a responsive website, you will easily be able to rank high in Google results pages.

A responsive website is easy to manage, especially to optimize for search engines

A responsive website has the ability to adapt itself across multiple devices, whether mobile phones or desktop computers. This entails that you don’t have to maintain separate websites for desktop reliant users and mobile friendly users. With one website you can cover and provide an excellent user experience to all member of your target market. In the long run maintaining one website will not put much of a strain on you, as it would have if you were maintaining two websites. Specially, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, focusing only on one website will help you produce more fruitful results. Moreover, you will not have to overspend your resources with managing one website.

Tips for responsive website development

Mobile first approach

When you are developing your responsive website, it is important to first consider how it would appear and function on mobile devices and then move on to desktop and laptop. If you design the desktop version first, you might not be able to make your mobile version user friendly. Hence, it is vital to start with the mobile version and then move on to others.

Easy navigation

A responsive website should be displayable and usable across multiple devices; hence, making navigation complicated and difficult would not only diminish the user experience of your customers, but it would also slow down your site speed. Make sure that the website’s navigation is applicable across all devices and capable of enhancing user experience.

Site speed

The website speed is an important factor whether it is mobile friendly or desktop friendly. If the site takes too much time to load, it would frustrate the web visitor and send them away. With a responsive website design you should be careful to remove all web elements and poorly formatted images that may slow down the loading speed of your website.


While images are necessary to add appeal to your responsive website design, you should be careful to format them properly to avoid slowing down the loading process of the site. Always use JPEG, GIF and PNG-8 file formats, and remember to avoid using PNG because it can expand your files sizes by 5-10 times, hence slowing down your website speed.