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Established in 2011, AllT is a design studio run by Peter Simonik and Elena Simonik based in Bratislava, Slovakia. They design and manufacture a wide range of products such as kitchen accessories, lighting objects, decoration items, rugs etc.

Peter Simonik and Elena Simonik met us to discuss the idea of building a web presence for their design and manufacturing services and products. When we discussed, what we learned was that they wanted a simple eCommerce site to sell their products and services.

They wanted a simple eCommerce site that is very easy to handle and they were also keen on increasing the visibility of the site.

So, we explained them about how we would approach their project starting from the design and development process, and other ways of increasing the visibility of the website through SEO and online marketing strategies.

Finally, we promised them to build a simple search engine optimized eCommerce site with all the necessary features leaving room for future updates on a good web framework and to develop online marketing campaigns to promote their business.


To design a simple and attractive eCommerce site with all the facilities for online transactions that is scalable, future proof and safe; apply the best SEO practices to increase its ranking in the search results and monitor and track the growth of the site using effective web analytics.

Our Strategies:

  • To design and build a customer-oriented, responsive, eCommerce website on a cutting edge technology.
  • To integrate a mailing system to increase the customer loyalty.
  • To work on on-site SEO, off-site SEO and online marketing.
  • To track and measure the performance of the site.
  • To learn, change and improve.


Phase 1:

In this phase, we sat with the customer and discussed their needs and objectives and got a deep insight into their requirements. We briefly explained them about different stages of the process starting from website design and development, SEO and online marketing.

Phase 2:

Our web design and the development team decided on the site architecture and other design elements. We chose word press theme for the site with Woocommerce plugin for the shopping cart. We applied best eCommerce SEO practices in building the site. Based on our keyword and competitor research, we made sure to use the main keywords at the crucial areas of the site such as URLs, Menus, Product categories, titles, descriptions etc. We installed a third party plugin, Yoast to enhance SEO benefits. We also added different web metrics to monitor the performance of the site.

Phase 3:

In this phase, we applied off-site eCommerce SEO to increase the sites ranking in the search results. This usually involves link building, a way of getting referenced by other high quality related websites, niche directories, blogs and social media. We used content marketing strategy for this purpose.

Phase 4:

Based on the insights we derived from the reports generated from our web analytics, we could improve the various areas of the website that slowed down the customer journey. We applied A/B Testing and also tweaked the weak areas to improve. (CRO-Conversion Rate Optimization)

The services we used to achieve above objectives:

  • Responsive Web Design/Redesign & Development.
  • Mobile, Local & International SEO.
  • e-Commerce website development & SEO.
  • SEO Copywriting.
  • Website Usability Analysis.
  • SEO Translation.


Our combined efforts of onsite SEO, Off-site SEO, Split testing and Conversion Rate Optimization, gradually increased the site visitors and the conversion also increased gradually. The insightful reports generated by the web analytics helped us in the process of continuous improvement. In a short time, the site enjoyed a steady flow of targeted traffic that converted well. This brought great ROI to the customer.

In a short time,

  • ALLT’s traffic to the eCommerce site rapidly increased.
  • The website was able to rank well for around 15 profitable keywords.
  • It enjoyed great ROI.
  • Its conversion rate improved substantially over time.