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Elise Som, is a renowned interior designer, furniture designer and creator of a range of home accessories and her life philosophy is to create a safe haven for her clients to feel comfortable and relaxed.

When she came to us for her e-Commerce website redesign we were happy to work with such a creative and committed celebrity at the same time we were well aware of the fact that working with such a person who has her core belief as ‘true luxury is to design with a responsible heart’, will definitely bring us challenges in many aspects.

Redesigning an e-Commerce site to showcase such a line of high-end, luxury products targeted to an international audience has many challenges both design wise and technical wise. She wanted a better, modern looking, sleek, elegant, easy -to- navigate and responsive website that could display the products in a powerful, elegant way and make the whole customer purchase journey smooth and comfortable.

The biggest challenge to us was not only to come up with the right theme but also to identify the current issues the site is having in terms of site architecture, navigability and the overall usability and come up with a better version without causing any damage to some of the advantages the site already has in terms of Search engine optimization.


To come up with an e-Commerce website with features way more superior than the existing one in terms of design, features and functionality, brand awareness etc.; Implementing all the search engine optimization best practices pertaining to an e-Commerce site; Increasing the visibility of the site by following online marketing good practices and adding the cutting-edge web analytic software to continuously monitor the growth and adapt to changes.

Our Strategies:

  • To do a thorough keyword and competitor research to learn our competitor’s websites.
  • To understand the current problems and overcome them in the new site.
  • To integrate an effective lead capture, lead conversion and nurturing system.
  • To increase the visibility of the website through SEO and Social media.
  • To measure and monitor the growth using web metrics.
  • To continually learn, adapt and grow in order to bring great ROI.


Phase 1:

In this phase, we did a thorough competitor research to learn about our main competitors, their site architecture, the main keywords they are going after, the toughness of those keywords and their onsite and offsite seo strategies. We came out with a set of keywords to compete for and also ways we can differentiate our site from them.

Phase 2:

Based on the above research, we decided to go for a beautiful e-commerce template from Square space. The old website didn’t’ have a drop down menu, a subscription form, refined search option for products etc. We provided all these features in our new website. We made sure to be able to go to a particular product within 3 clicks which is a good practice for SEO benefits.

We also included our chosen most profitable keywords in the home page, product pages, Meta title and descriptions and in the URLs. We were careful not to bury them deep in the navigational hierarchy for better seo benefits. We used applications such as LucidChart to create information architecture of our website.

We focused on a better site structure, effective internal link building, customer reviews (to be added soon), rich snippets, social media integration, a blog content etc. for a better usability. Jupiter Research found that 77% of consumers read reviews before purchasing online and it increases the conversion rate by 14-76%.

Phase 3:

In this phase, we focused on marketing our website using our proven and effective strategies. Some of the strategies involves: registering our business with high quality business directories and other related niches, press and media outreach, social media, blog, email marketing etc.

The services we used to achieve above objectives:

  • Mobile friendly Web Design, Redesign & Development.
  • e-Commerce Search engine Optimization Services.
  • e-Commerce website development.
  • Copywriting Services.
  • Translation Services.
  • Website Usability Testing Services.


Due to the improved design and the good user experience and also our online marketing strategies, the site enjoyed gradual increase in highly targeted traffic. Our advanced analytics helped us to study the customer behavior on the site and see where the most of the leakage was happening such as where the customers experience any friction in their navigation such as last minute cart abandonment etc.

In a few months,

  • The traffic to the website has increased remarkably.
  • Its newsletter subscribers have increased.
  • Its search engine ranking is improving at a steady speed.
  • Its conversion rate is also increasing.
  • Some of the profitable organic keywords have started bringing traffic to the site.