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Etihad Towers is a complex of buildings with 5 towers with apartments, shopping malls, restaurants and business offices and hotels, in the Al Ras Al Akhdar district of Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. This modern, sophisticated and luxurious tower was built in the year 2006 by his Highness Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan.

This was built by the Australian architects DBI Design and one can say at a glance that the designers have put their heart and soul into every details of the building in order to make it a pleasurable experience to its inmates.

Their primary aim was to provide the utmost comfort, luxury, convenience and enjoyment to who ever come across it.

When we planned to meet this customer to discuss about the website design and development, we anticipated many challenges and in fact, it was right. The challenge to us was not only in the design and development aspect but also in the online marketing aspects. We had to build a website not only to depict all these qualities of the tower–comfort, luxury and sophistication to attract the customers but also are able to bring great ROI.


We decided to build an attractive, image-rich website to create a powerful visual impact on the visitors; to provide all the necessary features to increase the customer experience and integrate all the online marketing tools and other performance tracking tools (web analytics) in it to measure and track the performance of the website to be able to learn and adapt to changes.

Our Strategies:

  • To design and build an attractive, feature-packed and responsive website on a state-of-the -art technology.
  • To increase the visibility of the website using SEO, eCommerce SEO and other online marketing methodologies.
  • To continually measure and monitor the growth.
  • To continually adapt and rise up to the emerging challenges and improve.


Phase 1:

In this phase, we discussed with the customer to understand their needs and got an insight into what they really expected. Our Web design & development, SEO and Online Marketing team came up with the right solution. We used ASP.NET, a web application framework by Microsoft to build the website and ‘Parralels Plex panel’ to host the website.

Phase 2:

We started with the keyword and the competitor research and decided on the content that we were going to use on the website. Our copy writers and the SEO experts came up with the attractive, search engine friendly content to be used in the website.
The home page had a striking banner with the image of the Etihad tower and five high quality images linking to the five core areas of the website: ‘Living’, ‘working’, ‘staying’, ‘shopping’ and ‘dining’ pages.
Every page had a beautiful banner with an image along with an effective and attractive heading and a large high quality image below, on the right and the related text on the left, in a perfect balance. This structure made the page simple and clutter- less. We also provided an online payment system, some downloadable items, a location map and some health & safety videos for which we used high-end audio and video editing tools to bring a superior quality to the videos. We also integrated all the social media tools with the site.

Phase 3:

After seeing a significant success in the second phase, we started to focus on improving the sites performance. Our inbuilt web analytics helped us understand the customer behaviors on the site and this enabled us to do A/B split test and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and improve the performance and the ROI. We also continually improved our SEO and online tactics to reach to the next stage.

The services we used to achieve above objectives:

  • Responsive Web Design/Redesign & Development.
  • Mobile, Local & International SEO.
  • E-commerce website development & SEO.
  • SEO Copywriting.
  • SEO Translation.
  • Website Usability Analysis.


Due to our well -planned SEO and online marketing strategies and the reports generated by the inbuilt web analytics, the sites visibility gradually increased. We constantly thrived and applied effective SEO techniques, content marketing, Social media, video marketing and email marketing to move ahead the competition and achieve significant success.

In a very short period,

  • Etihad Tower’s saw significant success in terms of ROI.
  • The traffic to the website increased remarkably.
  • Its website ranked higher in Google’s search results page.
  • It ranked for more than 10 profitable keywords..
  • Its conversion rate improved substantially over time.