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GMB is a fitness training business that offers a new kind of fitness training program designed for the people to create a capability and confidence in their bodies. This is a program designed to create awareness in their movements and changing them to perform better in all of their activities. It is a complete movement re-education program.

When we met the founders of the company, Andy, Ryan and Jarlo to discuss about their idea of building a website to sell their fitness program, we learned that their requirement was a simple website with all the basic capabilities to show case the effectiveness of their program; sell it to the potential clients and create a life —time relationship with them.

They wanted a minimalistic approach to the design; a robust web technology that is scalable with features such as subscriber management, online payment processors, membership management, online quizzes, forum management, an affiliate management system to promote their business and an effective and proven online marketing strategy to promote their business.

We assured them that we would bring their ideas into reality in its fullest form and make their business profitable. Our challenge was not only in the web design and development area but also in promoting the websites using SEO and other online marketing campaigns.


To come up with a simple website with online payment facilities; to integrate the features such as membership management, forum management, email management, online quiz
management and affiliate management; to optimize the site for increased organic visibility in the search engines; to promote the business online and to measure the growth and adapt.

Our Strategies:

  • To choose the right web technology to build the website.
  • To come up with a simple design.
  • To Integrate an effective membership management system.
  • To integrate a forum management software.
  • To integrate an affiliate program so that other affiliates can promote the business.
  • To Integrate a powerful online payment processor to enhance the online transactions.
  • To integrate all the additional tools for SEO enhancement to increase the visibility of the site.
  • To employ off-site SEO and online marketing strategies to bring more traffic to the site.
  • To add the effective web analytics to measure the performance of the site.


Phase 1:

In this phase, our team of web designers, developers, SEO experts, copywriters and online marketers discussed about the project on all the aspect such as the site architecture, design, SEO, content planning, social media and other online marketing methodologies. We also collected the necessary information and other things such as graphics, logos, images, pictures etc. from the customer. We obtained the approval for our web design proof from the client.

Phase 2:

We came up with a web site which had a banner with a powerful heading and an image with a persuasive call-to-action with infinite scrolling feature. We used a WordPress theme from StudioPress with little customization. We made the menu very simple by having only three important menu items. The following are the various tools we used in the site:

  • QZZR — An online quiz management tool.
  • Optimizly — A web analytics used to test the customer experience on the site with A/B Testing.
  • Klavio — An email management system in the e-commerce platform.
  • Light box — A HTML standard to embed high quality videos.
  • Sound Cloud — A global online audio distribution platform.
  • Member house — A wordpress membership management plugin.
  • Yoast plugins — To automate some of the onsite SEO functions.
  • AffiliateWP — An easy-to-use plugin to manage affiliate marketing.
  • bbPress — a forum software.
  • Mailchimp — An email management system.
  • Wistia — A professional video hosting and analytics software.
Phase 3:

In this phase, we started our vigorous off-site SEO and other online marketing strategies to take our site to the masses. The reports generated by the web analytics on our site helped us with great insight into all the weak and the strong areas of the website, the customer behavior on the site which enabled us to continuously refine our strategies for further growth.

The services we used to achieve above objectives:

  • Mobile friendly Web Design, Redesign & Development.
  • e-Commerce Search engine Optimization Services.
  • e-Commerce website development.
  • Copywriting Services.
  • Translation Services.
  • Website Usability Testing Services.


A well-structured site with all the cutting-edge tools, our consistent and proven on-site and off-site SEO strategies, our content marketing strategy, the effective sales funnel and our effective online marketing campaigns–all combined together led GMB to great success. Their sales and online subscribers grew rapidly within a short period of time.

Within a year,

  • The site’s visibility sky rocketed in a few months.
  • Its subscriber list grew rapidly which brought a steady flow of income.
  • Its search engine ranking is improving at a rapid speed.
  • Its conversion rate is also increasing.
  • Around 10 profitable organic keywords started bringing traffic to the site.