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Head quartered in Dubai, incorporated with a capital of Dhs. 500 million and listed in the Dubai Financial Market, Marka is a leading company in the field of fashion, hospitality and sports brands with strong partnerships with renowned global partners

It is a first traded retail operator in Dubai aiming to become the leading company in the mid-to-high range retail, hospitality and fashion sectors in the Middle East. Their main business process involves many franchise agreements, retail concepts and various acquisitions from leading brands all around the world.

We met them in 2004 to discuss about their website design and online marketing. No wonder, their business philosophy itself is “A commitment to pursuing only the highest standards in everything we do”. And when we met, we realized that that is not only in words but they practiced it in real life, in everything they did. Their expectation was high in all the areas of the project, web design & development, online marketing and the time frame.

Our task was to build a simple and powerful website to show case each and every area of their business in a powerful way in order to attract clients and partners not only in Dubai but also from any part of the world, that were willing to form a business partnership with them.


We decided to focus on the 3 core areas of the project: Web design & development, SEO and online marketing to achieve their objectives. Our solution was to build a simple and dynamic website on a good frame work with: an inbuilt online marketing system, SEO optimization and all the necessary web metrics to measure the growth and adapt to change.

Our Strategies:

  • To come up with a simple, dynamic and responsive website on a suitable framework.
  • To rapidly increase the visibility of the website using SEO and other online marketing strategies.
  • To leverage a lead capture, conversion and nurture system for customer building.
  • To continually adapt to challenges and improve.
  • To keep track of the growth.
  • To monitor our competitors and compete with better solutions.


Phase 1:

In this phase, we did a thorough keyword and a competitor research to get an insight into our competitors and also the main keywords to use in the content of our website. We decided to go with Drupal, an open source application which has a content management platform and a development framework.

We took a minimalistic approach by focusing on reducing a lot of image usage. The website had a very simple menu structure with all the important pages and services. We implemented an effective onsite SEO to increase the visibility of the site.

Phase 2:

In this phase, we constantly worked on various off-line SEO and online marketing strategies to increase the visibility of the site. We recommended and developed a strong Social Media Marketing strategy for the customer on 3 major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our social media strategy brought great results to the customer.

We also developed a strong email marketing strategy with a subscriber’s list integrated into the website and this allowed us to acquire new customers and follow them up using emails thereby build a business relationship on the long run. We used tool such as BuzzZumo, Buffer and Hootsuite etc. to manage our social media marketing.

Phase 3:

Once we achieved a significant amount of success, in terms of traffic and ROI, we decided to improve various elements of the website and entered into CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) through A/B Split Testing. This was possible due to the powerful web analytics we had added into the website that tracked each and every action performed by a visitor on the site. Based on this insight, we did split testing on various parts of the website, tried different approaches to bring better results.

The services we used to achieve above objectives:

  • Responsive Web Design/Redesign & Development.
  • Mobile, Local & International SEO.
  • e-Commerce website development & SEO.
  • SEO Copywriting.
  • Website Usability Analysis.
  • SEO Translation.


Due to our proven SEO and online marketing methodologies and various other innovative ideas, we achieved great success within a short period of time. Our well-planned content, social media and online marketing strategies combined together brought great ROI for Marka.

In a very short period of time,

  • Marka’s revenue saw significant rise.
  • The site visibility increased tremendously.
  • Its website ranked higher in Google’s search results page.
  • The site ranked well for around 54 keywords.
  • Its conversion rate was above average.