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S&A Stairs is a family owned company spread across three states in Australia involved in design, manufacture and building of wooden stairs. Established in the year 1920 and serving numerous architectural homes for around 100 years, its main motto is consistency, quality and style in their work.

When they decided to take their business to the next level by going online, we approached them. Being a reputed and successful offline business, their mental block was as to whether we would be able to reflect their business ethos at its fullest in their web site.

The major challenge to us was to convince them that we can radiate the same brand identity they enjoyed offline, online too, without a slightest diminishment. As they were obsessed with the idea of quality and style, they expected these factors in every aspect of our project.

We had to be very patient in understanding their demands and we provided them all the proof to show them how we successfully handled similar projects in the past. This was in fact, a major challenge for us. Also, explaining our SEO strategies to improve the visibility of the website also demanded a lot of energy and effort on our part.


Our web design team decided to come up with a striking web design theme that portrayed a strong, distinct and clearly perceptible brand motto — ‘commitment to design and quality’. We decided that the site design embodied with it the spirit and the freshness of their offline business and also embrace any emotional aspects that the business owners were tied up to their business with; for example: to emphasize that their business was built on trust and integrity and their long standing relationship with other respected architects and builders in the area.

We also decided to make it image – rich with the right balance of text to increase the visual experience to its readers and also since it is a local business, to optimize for local searches.

Our Strategies:

  • Use our professional photographers to take detail oriented, high quality pictures.
  • To design a theme that seamlessly integrated the images with the text for a superior visual experience, with large images and less text.
  • Simple navigation around the site.
  • To highlight their local trust and credibility.
  • To highlight their social responsibility.
  • To highlight the authenticity of their business.
  • SEO optimization for local searches.


Phase 1:

In this phase we had an open-heart communication with our client to get into their mind and heart and worked closely in collecting the images and other resources needed for our website design.

Phase 2:

In this phase, our team consisting of web designers, content writers and SEO specialists worked on the basic site structure. We focused on two factors: Site Theme and Site Architecture. We wanted to create a theme that was easy to showcase local trust and credibility, their social responsibility and the authenticity of their business.

Finally we arrived at a theme that took a visitor gracefully from top to down as smooth as a leaf floating on a mountain stream. We made sure to use large, high quality images to show minute details to the visitors. As this is a local business, our main target was the mobile users and so we used a ‘Slide out menu’ specially intended for mobile usage and a simple navigational menu at the bottom also.

All the other details such as services, portfolio and community initiatives were placed one after the other to give the user an un-restricted flow and at the end, a strong call-to-action, just below the company’s Established date — an emotional trigger. We also added a user-friendly feature to attach a plan and also a wish list.

Phase 3:

In this phase, we tested the site for User task, Readability, Site navigability, Accessibility, Website speed and User experience using some latest software and sorted out any issue that hindered the performance. We added all the necessary web metrics to track the performance of the website.

The services we used to achieve above objectives:

  • Responsive Web Design/Redesign & Development.
  • Local SEO Services.
  • e-Commerce website development & SEO.
  • SEO Copywriting.
  • Website Usability Analysis.


We still remember the delight on our customer’s face the day when they first got an online enquiry. Since we optimized the site with local business SEO, the site appeared at the top position in local search results area of the search results page which in turn brought a lot of enquiries and walk — in customers. The customer even planned to invest more on future SEO campaigns.