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Whayne Supply is just one of the many companies under Boyd Company LLC, based in Ashland, Kentucky. Founded in the year 1913, Whanye Supply is the largest and oldest authorized Caterpillar Dealership in the world serving at sixteen different locations across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. They provide solutions for different equipment needs such as heavy machinery, agricultural machinery and high trucks.

When we realized that they were planning to take their business to the next level, by going online, we immediately approached them. After listening to their business objectives we promised them to deliver exactly what they conceived in their mind.

They wanted a dynamic website built on the best technology; take their website to the people looking for their services with an effective sales funnel and an online marketing strategy and to build a lasting relationship with their loyal customers.

Our challenge was to build a dynamic, feature-packed website to display a wide range of products in an effective way; create brand awareness through various future proof online marketing campaigns to promote the business, bring in leads, convert them into customers and sustain them through inbound marketing strategies.


To choose the best web design and development framework to suit our needs; to provide all the necessary features to make their customer journey as pleasant as possible; to collaborate with the peers; to integrate a powerful sales funnel; to implement the right SEO to increase its organic visibility in the search engines and to measure the growth in order to improve.

Our Strategies:

      • To design and build responsive, feature rich and user-centered website on cutting edge technology.
      • To integrate an effective lead capture, lead conversion and nurturing system.
      • To provide all the online customer store tools on the site.
      • To increase the visibility of the website through onsite SEO, Off-site SEO and other online marketing methodologies.
      • To track the growth in order to adapt using powerful metrics.


Phase 1:

Our web design and development team came up with the initial architecture and wireframes and after finalized we came up with the design. We used Php to build our website. We also did a thorough keyword and competitor research to find out the profitable keyword to be used in the website.

Phase 2:

Here, we worked on the content of the website based on the keyword and competitor research we did in the Phase 1. We made sure to write unique content optimized for the search engines and applied best SEO techniques in designing the various elements of the website such as Menus, URLs, Page titles, Page headings, Product titles, Meta descriptions and product descriptions. We also worked on the strategic eCommerce and local and international SEO techniques to increase the websites visibility. Since we used a large quantity of images, we optimized those images to reduce the sizes to prevent the slowing down of the site. All the necessary web metrics to monitor the performance of the site were installed at this stage.

Phase 3:

In this phase we actively involved in the off-site SEO and online marketing. Our proven and effective on-site SEO along with off-site SEO helped the site to gradually rise higher in the search results. We further boosted the traffic using online marketing techniques such as email marketing, banner ads, solo ads, video marketing, content marketing and Social Media marketing.

The services we used to achieve above objectives:

      • Responsive Web Design/Redesign & Development.
      • Mobile, Local & International SEO.
      • E-commerce website development & SEO.
      • SEO Copywriting.
      • Website Usability Analysis.
      • SEO Translation.


Since we built all the stages of the website–architecture, design, functionality, monitoring the growth, SEO and online marketing, it didn’t take much time to see the results. We could monitor our campaigns effectiveness using the web analytics reports and refine them for better results. Our persistent and consistent efforts brought huge success to Whayne Supply in terms of ROI.

In less than a year,

      • Whayne Supply’s revenue increased to a large extent.
      • Its online sales rose greatly.
      • The traffic to the website increased at a rapid speed.
      • Its website ranked higher in Google’s search results page.
      • It out-ranked many of its strong competitors.
      • Its conversion rate increased at a steady rate.