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Small Business SEO Pricing

The research says that 93% of consumers begin on a search engine; 70-80% of people research a company online before showing at the small business or making a purchase; 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or visit that business within 24 hours; 63% of small businesses do not have a website and 25% of the websites don’t show up in search results and 75% of consumers tend to stay on the first page of the search results.

The above facts clearly indicate the importance of being on the first page of the Google’s search results.

Our Small business SEO pricing packages include the features that are inevitable to provide a multi-facetted approach to increase your sites visibility in the organic search results; attract the right group of visitors; convert, sustain and nurture them; to bring great ROI and measure and drive the growth using the powerful web analytics.

Our small business SEO pricing plan merits

Our SEO pricing packages include tons of advantages and the following are some of the great advantages you can get form our different pricing plans.

Straightforward SEO pricing chart

Honesty and transparency are two core ethics that drive our business. We believe every single customer has the right to know what exact features a particular pricing package will contain, how will they affect the ranking of the website, when can they see the results and how much will it cost. This is the reason why we took so much pain to display all the details in our SEO pricing guide clearly without ambiguity. This will help the customer to decide their budget and customize a package for themselves.

Unbeatable value and ROI for your cost

One of the successful business principles is to offer the customers more in value than the money a business organization is paid for. We love this philosophy. Our SEO team is dedicated to bring astonishing results to our clients and this is their primary focus. Regardless of size and nature of your business, our SEO pricing package will cater to all of your demands with a wide range of features. Regardless of the size of the package, you can rest assured that you will get tremendous value out of it.

What does SEO cost?

It is very common that small business owners who understand the importance of SEO for improving the visibility of their website approaches different SEO firms for prices and the prices they get will put them off because they differ in vast amounts. The reason is there is no a fixed SEO pricing in the industry. It varies to a great extent from firm to firm. But, in general, there are four SEO pricing models that are common in the market as per a survey. They are: monthly prices, contract services, project based costs and hourly consulting rates. Various factors go into calculating the prices such as the on-site SEO, off-site SEO, technical SEO, your business nature, market competition level, targeted city or country and the SEO service provider’s experience and expertise.

Before choosing the pricing, you need to make sure to choose a firm that has a proven track record of success with the experience and the expertise in the field and at any cost stay away from those that give you false promises.
Our SEO Cost plan is cost-effective and proven with a reasonable initial campaign payment and then an ongoing monthly payment or a customized pricing plan for a duration of which you can decide based on the success level you need.

We have taken so much pain to make it simple and effective in order for you to take a informed decision and our prices are calculated based on our industry experience, strategies, our dedication and the ability to produce results in a rapid pace.

Our small business SEO pricing package categories

Our pricing packages come in different categories to suit your varying needs and the budget. The following is the breakdown of our small business SEO packages.


Starter Package

Gold Package

Custom Package

Number of keyphrases optimizedUp to 80Up to 100Up to 150
Web server analysis & reportingCustom
Key phrase researchCustom
Information architecture auditCustom
Meta tags (Title & description)Custom
Optimization of robots.txt & Google-bot crawls
Creation & registrations of sitemap.xmlCustom
Setup of website sitemap (HTML)Custom
Google+ business profile setup/optimizationCustom
Mobile site optimization (if applicable)Custom
Google Analytics setup w/ conversion trackingCustom
Google Webmaster Tools SetupCustom
Bing Webmaster Tools SetupCustom
Google Analytics traffic analysisCustom
Creation of Google Analytics custom dashboards
Bing Local - Local optimization
Yahoo! Local - Local optimization
Local search optimization
Alternate text added to images
Link redirect audit
Custom 404 error page setup
Schema HTML tags
Rel="publisher" implementation
Initial copywriting articles or blog posts
Quarterly web page freshness updates
Initial link analysis and disavow
Ongoing monthly keyword reporting
Ongoing monthly traffic & goal reporting
Google data highlights
Canonicalization analysis
Competitor intelligence report
Internal linking restructuring
Linkable content promotion
Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s)
Duplicate content analysis
Website usability analysis
Universal SEO (Video, Maps, Images, News)
DOC/PDF Submission
Creation of text navigation (if possible)
Video and image xml sitemaps
Integration of blog w/ RSS
Q&A Posting
Keyphrases guaranteed on 1st page results of Google

The Basic SEO pricing package

This is an ideal pricing package for you to start with which offers great benefits.

This package has been carefully designed to take care of the core areas of your website. The process includes: conducting an extensive research to find out the competition and the major profitable keywords and optimizing the site for those keywords; analyzing the website to enhance the design, architecture and navigation, content and the overall user journey; optimizing for local and mobile searches and reporting and analysis.

Basically, this package will provide you all the necessary tools for your arsenal to jump into the competition and stand above the rest in a short period of time.

The Advanced SEO pricing package

This also offers loads of value for the cost. This package, on top of the features of the Basic package, will allow you to get your site optimized for more profitable keywords; ‘website usability tests’; more pages of initial and ongoing SEO copywriting; ‘and content marketing for link earning through outreaching; testing and experimentation for augmenting the growth.
While Basic package puts a strong foundation, Advanced package will build the rest of the growth on this foundation bringing in more and more leads, sales and revenue.

The Customized SEO pricing package

Sometimes, your business may need more or less features than what we have offered in the above two SEO packages, based on the size and the complexity of your business and that is why we have given you an option to customize the features to exactly fit your business needs.

Please talk to our customer support members and they will guide you through the whole process to pick the right package.

Which small business SEO pricing package will work out for you?

If your business targets a larger Geological area in a competitive niche then the ideal package we would recommend is ‘Advanced’ package. To attain a significant position in the search rankings and then stay there and move further up gradually, a continuous application of SEO strategies is needed. And also, it is not only attaining a first page on Google that matters. There are other factors that come into play when it comes to the overall success of your website such as your sites click-through rate, the ability to convert etc. Our Advanced package has been devised cleverly with a perfect mix of on-site and off-site SEO strategies to bring this kind of success.

Alternatively, you may start with the ‘Basic package’ and then later on upgrade to the ‘Advanced’ package if you are on a strict budget. This way, you will get an opportunity to see the results before going for the Advanced package.

In some cases, your business may be targeting a small geological area in a less competitive niche in which case you do not need an advanced package. In such a case you can go for a basic package to fit your business.
The best thing is just to call our sales team and they will guide you through the whole process depending on the size and the nature of your business.

How is Green Media SEO a well-known authority in Small Business SEO?

We have a great success story behind our growth. With a humble start, going from door to door, we grew into one of the leading SEO firms in a short span of time. Since then, we have handled hundreds of successful SEO projects for clients from small business to big enterprises and as a result our team has the knowledge, expertise and experience in all the intricacies of SEO and online marketing. We have so far helped around 400 customers with around 321 SEO projects.

Ours is a brilliant team of creative and passionate experts who constantly strive to raise their standard by learning from their projects and evolving better and better day-by-day. They keep an eye on the latest developments in the SEO industry always looking for creative ideas and strategies and implementing them to benefit our clients’ businesses.

Results, revenue, sales and profits —this is what we care about for our customers and we constantly move towards these goals with a consistent effort.

Moreover, we only practice healthy SEO techniques accepted by the Search engines and stay away from un-ethical SEO practices which may hurt your business.