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Baidu SEO

Since China is one of the highly populated countries, many businessmen covet to promote their services and products and build brand authority there. While expanding your business in China is certainly a prudent way to generate more profit and expand your clientele, it is not necessarily easy, especially given the fierce competition in the Chinese market and the technologically savvy consumers.

The easiest way to raise awareness for your brand among your Chinese target consumers would be through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), yet optimizing your website for Google would not make much of an impact in conquering the Chinese digital market. With 70% share of the search engine market in China, Baidu ranks as the number one and the most popular search engine in China; hence, your best option is to integrate Baidu SEO into your online marketing strategy in order to reach out to your target market in China more effectively.

The SEO team at Green Media SEO specializes in Baidu SEO. If you are planning to expand your business in China, we can help you by building an effective Baidu Search Engine Optimization strategy that will guide you in your endeavors to build brand authority among your Chinese target market.

Benefits of Baidu SEO

Reach out easily to your Chinese target market

Baidu claims 70% of China’s search engine market, while 360 and Sogou only dominate about 30%. Since Baidu is the mostly used search engine in China, optimizing your business website to get a high rank in it is a clever way to improve your chance of discovering new Chinese clients. Incorporating Baidu SEO will allow your website to score a top rank for the relevant search queries conducted by potential clients. Moreover, compared to your other options (such as TV commercials, Radio or newspaper advertisements) reaching out to your target audience via the most popular search engine in China is way more effective and affordable.

Gain the trust of your Chinese customers quite easily

When you improve your website with Baidu SEO, you would not only be translating your website’s content into Chinese, so that your target market would understand your message more clearly, but your website would also be ranked high in the most preferred search engine in the country. Not to mention that your website would be referred to by other authoritative Chinese websites. All these will eventually contribute to reinforcing your brand image and establishing yourself as a trustworthy and reliable business entity in the Chinese market. Your target market will not have any doubts in buying your products or services.

Raise brand awareness effortlessly and quickly

Is there a more effective platform to raise awareness for your brand other than China’s most popular search engine, Baidu? With a top rank in Baidu and several quality backlinks from other authoritative Chinese website, you will be able to attract more qualified traffic to your website. Moreover, with translated content, you would be able to connect more easily with the Chinese target market. Thus, with a top ranking website in Baidu, you would easily be able to spread the word about your brand among your target market. The more trust you build with your clients, the more they will be willing to recommend your brand to their own friends.

Beat your competitors and stay ahead of the game

The Chinese market is fiercely competitive; not only locals, but also businessmen from all around the world make their best effort to become the top business in China. In such a competitive business environment, you should be cautious and well-prepared. Investing in Baidu SEO is a primary precaution you must take; with it you will always have a solid backup plan. Even if your other online marketing endeavors fail, a top rank in Baidu would always help you maintain consistency and reinforce your brand image. With a sound strategy, you would easily be able to stay ahead of your competitors and gain more customers than them.

Baidu SEO best practices

Use local language

China is a non-English speaking country; therefore promoting your brand in English would neither help you in gaining the attention of your Chinese target market, nor help you get a top rank in Baidu. This is why it is important to translate the content of your website into Chinese (preferably Mandarin). When selecting keywords, you should be careful to conduct research and find out the exact keywords without translating directly from your English copy.

Avoid censored subjects

It is of utmost importance to avoid all subjects that have been censored by the Chinese government; mentioning any information related to such subjects will get your website banned from Baidu. Hence, be careful when you are selecting content, images and written content; make sure that they are not related to any censored topic. You should also be careful not to refer to any other website or blog that may contain such censored content.

Try to get more quality backlinks

Unlike with Google, Baidu tends to consider the number of backlinks (despite quality) as a search engine ranking factor. The more backlinks you get, the higher you will rank in search engine results pages. While many websites use black hat SEO practices such as buying off backlinks from spam sites and link networks to trick Baidu spiders, it might affect your SEO efforts negatively. Hence, it is important to seek backlinks from authoritative sites.

Optimize your meta data

Unlike Google, Baidu places much significance on meta descriptions and meta tags when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Hence, it is important to properly optimize them. Here, you should include the relevant keywords in the meta data of each of your web pages, so your web pages will have a good chance at ranking high for the relevant search queries. It is also important to make sure that your title tags are optimized with relevant keywords.