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Corporate SEO

Large corporations, unlike small or medium sized businesses, have to survive through many challenges in a very competitive environment. Although they are well-established and have built brand authority among their target audiences, they could never take marketing and brand building too lightly. In order to thrive in a constantly changing business environment, corporations must have a steady marketing strategy that would help maintain a consistent brand image, while at the same time help discover new markets.

When it comes to brand building and generating more customers, there is no other marketing technique that is more effective than SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Many large corporations now rely on corporate SEO to stay ahead of their competition and garner more new customers to increase brand authority. Corporate Search Engine Optimization is not only a mere technique of increasing online visibility or getting a top rank in search engines, but it is in fact a process that, if practiced correctly, can double your revenue and guarantee an optimal return on investment.

In simple terms, corporate SEO is the process by which you can build a powerful online presence on behalf of your company or organization. A top rank in search engines will in turn drive in qualified traffic to your website, hence increasing the number of visitors who may convert into either leads or customers. Unlike with small businesses or medium sized businesses, corporate SEO may vary according to factors such as the company size, work environment, stakeholders, web network size etc.

Benefits of Corporate SEO

Corporate SEO is the key to increasing your online visibility

Whether you own a small business or a transnational corporation, maintaining a strong web presence is important for the survival of your brand and business in today’s highly digitalized world. For most modern consumers out there, lack of a website or at least a social media account to represent your business online signifies a lack of reliability and credibility. In order to earn their trust and convince them to become your customer, you need to have a strong online existence. With Search Engine Optimization, you can easily get your website to the top of search engine results pages for relevant search queries and drive in qualified traffic to your website. With the right SEO strategy, you would have increased visibility online.

Corporate SEO is more cost-effective than other methods

Have you currently invested in traditional methods of marketing such as newspaper/ magazine advertisements, TV or radio commercials or cold calling? How much a year does your company spend on all the propaganda campaigns for your brand? If you want to reduce the money you spend on your marketing efforts, you should invest in corporate Search Engine Optimization. Corporate SEO is not only way cheaper than conventional techniques of marketing, but it is also way more effective in producing quick and successful results; whereas a TV or a radio commercial may only be able to make an impact on a limited audience, a website which is optimized for search engines will be accessed by people around the world.

Corporate SEO is instrumental in building brand authority

When your corporate website is properly optimized for search engines, it will receive a top rank on search engine results pages for search queries conducted by your target audiences; a top rank is therefore is essential to driving in qualified traffic to your website. If your website is laid out according to an accurate SEO strategy, you will be able to make a good first impression on your web visitors through quality web content, design and performance that will uphold your brand. If you are able to win the trust of your visitors, they will not hesitate to spread the word about your brand and recommend it to their own friends, and even select your brand over that of your competitors, hence helping you build brand authority successfully.

Corporate SEO will help you convert more web visitors

The outcome of any online marketing strategy should be to increase the number of web visitors who convert into leads or direct customers. Making sure that your corporate website is optimized for search engines entails making sure that it has quality and original content, easy and user-friendly navigation, striking design, fast loading speeds and clear call-to-action buttons. If your website possesses these qualities, it will certainly attract relevant web searchers from search engines, convince them to stay and encourage them to respond to your calls-to-action. Engaging and credible content will persuade your visitors to invest their trust in your brand, hence prompting them to purchase your products or services more willingly.

Useful tips to build an effective corporate SEO strategy

A thorough keyword research for a long lasting strategy

Your corporate SEO strategy should start with keyword research. A keyword is a search term your target customer uses to find you in search engines. Including the right keywords in your website copy is essential to drive in qualified traffic to your website and rank high for the relevant search queries. With tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, you can easily find the relevant keywords commonly used by your target audience.

An effective content marketing strategy for better results

Content of a website is a key element of SEO; content is what attracts the visitor to the website and it is what encourages him to stay on it as well. While relevant, useful and authentic content may get your site a top rank and help you attract more qualified visitors, low quality content (duplicate or unreadable content with spelling or grammar mistakes) may drive them away from your site and lower you search engine rankings as well.

Mobile-friendly website design for better user experience

Modern consumers are increasingly becoming dependent on their mobile devices. With the development of this new trend, it has become rather important to make sure that you invest in a mobile friendly website design which would help you provide a better user experience to your rapidly increasing mobile-reliant client base. A mobile friendly website or a responsive website will also be given a top search result rank in the mobile web.

Integrate social media channels to expand your reach

Corporate SEO is not limited to website marketing; it can be implemented on social media marketing too. In fact the two can be integrated to produce a more effective online marketing strategy. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc. provide the ideal platform for you to maintain effective communication with your current and potential customers; this will help you improve your customer relations.