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eCommerce SEO

The target of any website which represents a business is to promote a service or product with the intention of expanding the client base. The purpose of an e-commerce website, on the other hand, is to encourage the web visitor to make a purchase directly from the site itself, which would contribute heavily to increasing conversion rates.

Under such circumstances, an elaborate strategy for search engine optimization becomes the decisive factor of the success and the very survival of an e-commerce website. Our eCommerce SEO team at Green Media SEO includes a group of enthusiastic and goal-oriented performers armed with years of experiences on optimizing e-commerce websites for search engines. Their specialty is achieving their goals within a short period of time while producing effective results.

Ecommerce combined with SEO creates the perfect formula for generating revenue. Applying the power of a firm strategy of search engine optimization on your online store can bring you to the forefront of the field while simultaneously helping you garner new clients.

How eCommerce SEO would help your web store

Improved search visibility

An efficacious SEO approach to your website can increase its visibility on search engine results pages. When your eCommerce site is laid out according to a proper search engine optimization framework, web crawlers will bestow upon it positive feedback during the process of ranking it for search results. Consequently, your site will have an increased chance at appearing among the top search results. As a web store, which depends on revenue derived through direct sales made, positioning among the top five results, or at least being visible among the first search result page is imperative. Web searchers would click only on the sites that are likely to appear among the highest results, because they tend to believe that such sites are more reliable; and if your website is SEO proof, it undoubtedly is trustworthy and credible.

Increased traffic

When your eCommerce website rules over the first result page of each search engine, web users will click on it without second guessing, not only because they hardly take time to visit the second search result page, but also because they like to trust the judgment of the search engines. In that sense, a higher rank acts as a designation to your website that would bring in more and more organic traffic. eCommerce SEO will also make sure that the web visitors your website attracts will ultimately convert into loyal customers who would definitely return to your web store. On the other hand, while the implementation of SEO generates more organic traffic, more traffic contributes to higher search results rankings; therefore, these two elements are interdependent and each complements the process of the other.

Brand Building

Another advantage eCommerce SEO contains is building brand awareness or brand authority. When your site appears on the top of search engine results pages, it indicates at the prestige and credibility of your services and products, hence your brand. While higher ranks constantly expose you to potential customers who aim to make a purchase from you, it automatically assists the process of expanding your brand’s reputation. Moreover it is a free campaign, for you do not necessarily have to pay to spread the word about your brand to more potential customers; a good SEO strategy for your website will automatically recommend it to your potential clients. If all works out well, it won’t be long before other reputable and reliable websites start recommending your website to their customers as well.


Once your website is optimized for search engines by a professional SEO service like Green Media SEO (to which you will have to pay for an hourly, monthly or yearly basis or project-wise), you will not have to spend anymore extra money. eCommerce SEO brings with it a number of free rewards which are unquestionably impressive. As mentioned above it provides free promotion or advertising of your brand, and it also attracts long lines of organic or unpaid traffic. Compared to other methods of marketing, such as print advertisements and TV or radio commercials and specially paid advertisements on social media platforms, this approach is quite affordable, as well as effective. Once your site is capable of appearing on the top of search engine results pages, it will generate continuous traffic and revenue.

Best return on investment

You will get what you paid for, perhaps even more than you initially invested in your eCommerce SEO. While it is obvious that you, as someone who runs a web store, should invest in an SEO scheme to attract and bring in web traffic to your eCommerce website that would ultimately convert to sales, you will not be paying for anything that you cannot get back in return; in fact you will be getting more than you paid for with increased conversion rates which will be generated by a sound eCommerce SEO strategy devised by the experts at Green Media SEO. Our SEO service is equipped to track down almost each and every element of the SEO strategy, including conversions, leads and traffic rates as well as rankings, and provide a detailed report in order to analyze your success.

User friendly experience

When you optimize your site by creating smooth navigation, uncomplicated coding and fast loading page speeds, it will automatically improve the web user experience. SEO enhances your eCommerce website’s architecture, navigation, links, URLs etc. in order to make it easy for search engine bots to know which page they are crawling and whether to present that particular page as a suitable search result for the web user. Likewise, in return it will help your web visitors to have a hassle-free and smooth user experience while at the same time being aware of where exactly they are on your site. If you are able to make a first good impression on their minds by creating such a user friendly web experience, they certainly will return the next time, and also may recommend your site to their friends and family.

How to double your eCommerce sales

Conduct research

It is important to conduct research on your target market, your competitors and especially on keywords before you lay out your eCommerce SEO strategy. Extensive research can provide you useful insight into the steps you should take to avoid failure; for example, key word research will let you know which keywords you should stick to and which keywords you should not use, lest it should generate low quality traffic

Avoid duplicate content

Duplicate content can harm your SEO efforts immensely; search engines tend to ban websites with such content that has been copied from some other website. However, with eCommerce websites, duplicate content is difficult to be avoided, for most products (especially which are essentially similar) have the same product descriptions. With a proper content plan, you can avoid duplicating content.

A clear site structure

The site structure matters in terms of search engine optimization as well as a good user-experience. If the structural elements of your website and the way pages link to each other are clear, it will make it easier for search engine crawlers to index the web pages. Therefore, a clear site structure will help you gain a higher SEO rank. It will also provide an excellent user experience for your customers.

Optimized product images

Images are a major element of an eCommerce website, for they assist the customers to get an idea as to what they will be purchasing. Therefore, it is important that the images are of highest quality and are properly formatted. At the same time it is important to make sure that the images are properly optimized to assist the search engine crawlers to find them; add relevant keywords into the ALT tags of the images.