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International SEO

As a result of the inevitable influence of globalization, that is accelerated and facilitated by the emergence of the World Wide Web, many entrepreneurs have been able to expand their businesses in a global scale quite effortlessly. The internet has made it possible for businessmen to promote their brands and discover new markets in foreign countries quite easily and for far more affordable prices than it is possible with any other conventional method of marketing.

In online marketing, International SEO is one of the most effective marketing techniques businesses can use to promote their services and products beyond their localities and discover new target audiences in foreign lands. International Search Engine Optimization has made it possible, for large businesses as well as small businesses, to launch themselves as well-established business entities in the international market.

Green Media SEO based in New York, is a highly sought-after international SEO company. Our Search Engine Optimization strategies for international markets have proven to be very effective in helping our clients build brand authority in many foreign countries way beyond their locality and culture.

Benefits of International SEO

International SEO is effective in promoting your brand

Compared to traditional methods of marketing such as TV commercials, radio propaganda or print advertisements, international Search Engine Optimization is far more affordable and effective. While SEO involves getting your website to rank high for search queries conducted by your foreign target clients and attract qualified traffic, conventional methods require far more effort, time and money. On the other hand, optimizing your website for search engines is not only less complicated, but it also guarantees to produce grand results in generating more conversions and customers. Hence, with international SEO, you have the ability to raise awareness for your brand and effectively build brand authority among a new foreign target market.

International SEO is instrumental in localizing your brand

When you attempt to establish yourself as a business in an international market, or in a foreign country, it is important to win the trust of the new foreign target market. Without their trust, you will not be able to flourish as a business, and the only way to get your potential foreign customers to invest their trust in your brand is through international Search Engine Optimization. While SEO helps you create a strong and influential web presence among your international target market, it helps you generate more relevant traffic to your website. Since you have implemented SEO when designing your website, it will also enhance the user experience of your web visitors; hence, you will be able to convince your foreign web visitors to convert more willingly.

International SEO helps you expand your target market

With a business website that is optimized for search engines with International Search Engine Optimization, you have the ability to expand your clientele quite effectively. SEO not only allows you to get a top rank in search engine results pages, but it also helps you drive in the right audience to your website. Making sure that your website is search engine friendly entails making sure that it is also user friendly; hence, you will be providing your visitors quality and useful content on your products and services, easy navigation, clear calls-to-action etc. All of these unique features will contribute to encouraging your web visitors to convert into leads or into customers who would make a direct purchase of the services or products you offer.

Increased brand recognition will generate more revenue

Surviving in the international market as a successful business entity takes effort, money and strategy. While online marketing offers you the most affordable way to establish yourself as a renowned brand in a new market, you can also use it to ensure an optimal return on investment. Investing in international SEO is a prudent step you should take as a businessman with an intention to build your brand in an international market; it will not only help you easily reach out to a new foreign market and successfully raise awareness for your brand, but it will also help you convert mere web visitors into customers who would stay loyal to you throughout time. Thus, with increased brand recognition you would easily be able to double your revenue.

Tips for building an effective International SEO strategy

Keyword research

When you are conducting keyword research for international SEO, it is important to do so in relation to the particular country of your target market. Key terms that different target customers from different countries use to conduct their search queries may vary; hence, it is important to conduct keyword research according to the location or area and use geo-modifiers that may further emphasize it.

Translate content

If the foreign target market you are trying to cater to does not speak English, providing information in English would not make much of an impact. However, if you translate the content of your website into the language of your foreign target market, the chances are that the foreign customers would be more eager to go through your site and feel more comfortable to trust you as a business.

Link building

When it comes to SEO, link building plays an important part in increasing your website’s search engine rankings and increasing your site’s reputation on the web. When it comes to international SEO, you should focus more on gaining back links form websites from the country your foreign target market belongs to; it may be more effective if you can get these backlinks from local language sites.

Cultural elements

One of the most important things you should take into consideration when you are designing a website for a foreign market is the culture of the particular country. From the color theme to the content of your website may have some kind of an impact on the culture of the target market. Therefore, it is important to consider the cultural aspects before you design your website for a foreign market.

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