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Local SEO

Local SEO is the method of improving your website to gain a better position in local search engine results and of increasing brand visibility on a local basis. For businesses that are not nationwide or worldwide, this aspect of search engine optimization should take priority in their online or digital marketing agendas. With the rapid growth of mobile device usage which has paved way for on-the-go searching, the importance of local search engine optimization has further expanded, especially since most search engine (Yahoo, Bing and Google) searches are location-based. Accordingly, if a business is to widen its local online market, it should focus its attention on a strategy to advance its local search rankings.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing a product or a service always tends to search online for the nearest place where they can find it. Moreover, most mobile phone users, who are on the move, opt to search online for places easy to get to. If your business is to benefit from such crowds, your website should pop up on the top of the search engine results pages when they type in the service or the product plus the specific geographical area. Our SEO team at Green Media SEO will make sure that your business website receives high organic traffic from local searchers who would contribute to higher conversion rates and consequently, increased revenue.

Why you should invest in a Local SEO strategy?

Build Local authority

Adhering to a firm SEO strategy always ensures a higher rank on search results pages, and making it location-oriented will increase the chances of your site positioning high in local searches, which is the key to attracting customers. While search engines give higher statuses to websites which are optimized, the web users opt to visit the topmost results because they are more likely to represent what they are looking for; hardly any user bothers to go through the second search results page. If your website fails to come up high, you will lose more than half of your potential customers, especially those who are from around your very area and are most likely to make a direct purchase. Accordingly, it is important that you optimize your website for location based searching.

It increases your conversion rates

When your website is optimized for local searches, those who find it, aim to make a direct purchase, because most of them would be on-the-go searchers who are looking for the nearest place to purchase a certain product or service. Therefore, it is fair to state that local SEO helps you reach out to your target market, quite easily and thoroughly. The visibility of your website will be increased when it is optimized, and search engines will direct highly qualified traffic to your website, hence creating more space for conversions. Consequently, if you exercise a properly established strategy to optimize your website for local search results, you are most likely to receive organic traffic to your website from people who will genuinely be interested in converting in to paying customers.

It offers content valuable for the customers

If you organize the content of your website according to a great local SEO plan (that is centering your content on topics, themes or events related to your local area), it is more likely to be placed in front of the local searchers by search engines. Undoubtedly, the searchers would find the content extremely valuable and useful, plus they would genuinely be encouraged to stay on your site and actually read them. If you are able to grab the attention of your visitors thus, then you would certainly be able to prompt them to make a purchase of your product or service. At the same time you would also be able to create a memorable web experience for your customers, one that they would enjoy. Not to mention that they will return to your website the next time too.

It brings in new customers

If you do it right, you will attract new customers, especially those who are new in your area. It has become the norm for most people, tourists, permanent residents or new settlers to search online for local stores to visit when they want to buy something. Under such circumstances, if your website fails to come on the top of search engine result pages, you will lose a lot of potential customers. Therefore it is ideal if you focus on such clients when you design your website; and the best way to win them over is through optimizing your website for local searches. Local SEO will not only score your website a higher search result rank, but it will also contribute to solidifying your business reputation which will convince other reputable websites to recommend you to their customers.

It helps build on brand awareness

The easiest way for you to spread awareness for your brand and reinforce its reputation is through optimizing your website which represents your brand, for local search results. Great quality, original and credible content, a balanced number of keywords and a user-friendly web experience will help create a favorable impression of your brand on your current and potential customers. You can also rely on a well-established social media marketing campaign focusing on local target markets to help you successfully carry out your brand awareness campaign. The more you focus on local SEO, the more you will be able to expose your brand to your local target market. Consequently you will be able to attract a loyal client base which would help you solidify your brand name.

It complements your overall marketing strategy

A website or social media channels, which are aptly improved with local SEO, can contribute to building up on your overall business marketing strategy. For an example, think you have launched a TV commercial campaign, and a local, potential customer who might have been impressed by it would search you further online. If at the time, the name of your business reigns over search engine results pages, it would directly contribute to making a good impression on his mind. Likewise, your search engine optimized website can work hand in hand with other media channels to build on more business for you. You can further improve your overall marketing strategy by entering your website in local directories, which would make it easier for your potential clients to find you.

Local SEO tips to expand your local reach

Use keywords to target your local customers

The easiest way to increase your website’s visibility for your local target market is to use keywords which are mostly used by your local customers. With proper research you can easily find out these keywords or key phrases. Once the content of your website is well-optimized with such keywords, the search engines will rank you high in search engine result pages for that particular keywords searched by your local target audience.

Optimize your site’s content for local audiences

While you optimize the content of your website for search engines such as Google or Yahoo, you should keep in mind to optimize it for your local target market too. You can start by referring to local events, themes or other elements which are locally associated with your product or services. This will further generate highly qualified traffic to your website, especially local web visitors who will make a direct purchase of your product or service.

Get your business registered in local directories

Most consumers turn to local directories to find businesses where they can find the product or service they wish to purchase. Therefore having your business listed in such high authoritative local directories will help you gain more qualified traffic, while at the same time building a strong presence in local searches. Directories such as LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Google My Business, and Yahoo Local are some you can start your efforts with.

Display your local physical business address

Including your local physical business address is just as important and useful as optimizing the website’s content for local searches with relevant keywords and information. When you are designing your contact page, it is important to display your physical business address together with other contact information such as your telephone number, your name or email address. You can also include it in the website footer for better local SEO results.

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