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Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is the process by which a website is improved for the searches on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. With the rapid escalation of mobile usage for online searches, it has become pivotal that websites are designed to respond to mobile appliances. While more than half of mobile searches are local, there is a significant difference between how people search on desktop and how they conduct the search on their handheld devices. A mobile friendly website does not only enhance user experience of the web visitors, but it has also become a factor that contributes to higher rankings on search engine result pages.

When Google, the most popular search engine in the world, rolled out its mobile-friendly update (which tend to rank mobile-friendly webpages high on mobile search results) on 21st of April 2015, it became quite clear

Mobile SEO is no longer an option, but rather a necessity. While your website might already be well optimized for search engines, it is also imperative that it is designed in such a way that would gratify the experience of the mobile users, who comprise of more than half of the daily searchers. If you want to upgrade your business’s website in order to earn a high rank in the mobile search results, come see our SEO specialists who are qualified and experienced in mobile web development.

Why mobile SEO is important

It enriches user experience

Think about how frustrated you get when you are forced to use a site that is only optimized for desktops, on your mobile device; you have to tap and zoom in the content and tolerate through a very lethargic loading speed. This would undoubtedly make you turn to another site, one that you can actually access through your smart phone or tablet without trouble.

If your web visitors are faced with such a scenario when browsing your website, you might face the risk of losing potential customers. On the other hand, if your site is optimized for mobile web, then the chances are that you would be doubling your conversion rates, because you would have created a user-friendly experience for your mobile web visitors.

It prolongs the time a visitor spend on a site

Most mobile searchers are on the go, searching for a shop to eat from or buy a product from while out and about with friends or family; therefore, it goes without saying that such on-the-go consumers make up for half of the conversion rates. Hence, it is important that your website is able to lure them in to staying on your website and browse through for a while.

If your website is mobile-friendly, which will make it easy to navigate and use on their hand-held devices, it will definitely entice your customers to get engaged and learn about what you have to offer by reading through your website’s content. If they are impressed by what you are presenting them, the chances are they will make a purchase soon.

It will boost the website’s loading speed

You only get about 6-10 seconds to impress and grab the attention of your potential customers who searches you online via their mobile phone, before they abandon your website. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices which have smaller screen sizes, it will take an unfavorable amount of time to load and sometimes it would not load at all.

Properly optimizing your website (from its images to the website structure) according to a mobile-friendly or mobile SEO strategy is bound to improve the loading speed of its pages. Fast loading web pages will definitely create a great user experience for your visitor. It will automatically increase your organic traffic rates and conversion rates.

It will increase user engagement

Mobile SEO will contribute to improving your visitors’ user experience through features such as mapping functions and click-to-call, which are specific to mobile appliances. A mobile website that is optimized for the mobile web is bound to create a user-friendly experience that will encourage your potential customers to stay on your website and interact.

The benefit of a mobile-friendly website is that there is only one call between what the customer demands and you. If they find your site through location-aware technology, there is an increased chance that your customer will visit your store to make a purchase sooner than later; thus, you will be able to double your revenue quite effortlessly.

It will increase your SEO rankings

Whether your website is optimized for search engines on desktops or on mobile phones, your principal intention is to gain a higher rank on search engine result pages. The plus point or the advantage of upgrading your website for mobile devices and implementing mobile SEO is that, it will appear among the top search results of both the mobile web and desktop web.

Mobile-friendly search engines such as Google or Yahoo favor such mobile web optimized websites when it comes to ranking them for search queries by web searchers who use their mobile devices to browse the internet; hence, such websites will get ranked higher. This will in turn contribute to increasing traffic and expanding the customer base.

It will help build brand awareness

Whether you have noticed it or not, more than half of your customers have found your business via their browsing online; even if they heard about your services or products through a friend or family member, they would still look for more information through your website. Imagine how many more customers would discover your brand if it were optimized for mobile web.

A mobile friendly website could act as a designation of quality and credibility for your brand and business. When a mobile device user searches for your brand online and finds it easy to navigate through your website, the chances are that he will form a very good first impression, maybe even talk of and recommend your brand to his friends and family.

It will help you beat your competition

Maybe your competitors have not yet considered redesigning their websites to respond to mobile devices or investing in a mobile SEO strategy to enhance user experience. However it is only a matter of very little time before they realize they need to do so. If you start now, you will have a significant head start that would bring you many benefits over your competitors.

Implementing a sound mobile Search Engine Optimization strategy when designing or redesigning your website, will immensely benefit your online marketing effort, especially with regard to catering to your mobile-reliant target market. It will also certainly help you tactfully beat your competition while expanding and reinforcing your own clientele.

It is a better alternative to app development

Developing a mobile app for mobile devices unarguably takes more time, money and effort than creating a mobile-friendly website which can effortlessly enhance your website’s mobile presence. While it requires developing different apps for different platforms such as Blackberry, Android or iPhone, you need only one mobile website for all these platforms.

However, a mobile-friendly website that has been optimized with mobile SEO can create a unique user-experience equal to all the web users worldwide without much expense or bother. A mobile app will not be available for the consumer unless it is downloaded by him; however mobile SEO would always bring your website to the top of search results.

Tips for effective mobile SEO


Mobile searchers tend to use different keyword queries than the searchers who use their desktop applications; they usually use convenient short tail phrases which are more local in nature as most of them are on the move. Therefore you should be careful to optimize your website content and meta data with these mobile-friendly keywords.


Most mobile users are on the move; hence they do not get time to read long paragraphs of boring information. You should always make sure to provide them with content that is not only original and authentic, but also detailed and written to the point. It is also important to write in a manner that would entertain and interest the mobile web users.


Most modern mobile devices have smaller screen sizes and touchscreens which make navigating through a website quite difficult than it is on a desktop computer. Therefore, it is quite essential to make sure that all the elements of your website (from font sizes to navigation) is specifically optimized for mobile devices, unless it will diminish user experience.

Local SEO

As mentioned above, most mobile searchers use mobile devices to find places near them while they are on the move. Hence, it is important to optimize your website for location based searches. This basically includes standardizing your business’s name, address, phone number and other contact information and including your city in your site’s metadata.