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SEO Audit

An SEO audit, which provides profound insight and analysis of the online relevancy of your website, is imperative to determine the development of your overall online marketing strategy. It helps you learn about the evolving condition of and issues pertaining to important elements of your website such as indexing, coding, content, site architecture, link profile, URL structure, traffic rates and even social media engagement; hence, it will contribute to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your site and lead you to improve your current strategy to increase your potentials.

Our SEO team at Green Media SEO in New York would conduct a comprehensive audit on the components of your business website and suggest the best options available for you to enhance your business opportunities. Our skilled web developers, graphic designers, content writers and SEO experts will contribute their effort to fine-tune your website in a way that it would perform to its full potential.

Why an SEO audit is important for your business?

Improve your website’s performance

An SEO audit consists of analyzing and testing your website’s content strategy, keyword strategy, link building strategy, site speed, navigation etc. According to the analysis you make on the condition of these website components, you can decide whether to improve them or not. Once you make the necessary changes to the site’s technical framework and infrastructure, you will be able to enhance the usability of your website. User friendliness is a quality every successful website must possess, and with an SEO audit, you will be able to make sure that your very own website is not only capable of providing your web visitors a user friendly experience, but also is capable of getting a top rank in search engines.

Boost SEO ranking

Search Engine Optimization is an indispensable technique in website marketing. It does not only help a website get a top rank in search engines, but it also improves the quality of all elements (from content to technical elements) of a website to make sure that it is search engine friendly as well as user friendly. An audit allows you to find out how you have executed your SEO strategy; whether you have missed out on good opportunities or made SEO mistakes (such as keyword stuffing, duplicate content, matching anchor text links etc.) that are costing you conversions. An audit will help you improve your SEO strategy to make sure that your website is capable of impressing both search engines and your users.

Convert more visitors into customers

An SEO audit consists of making sure that your website has the ability to convert mere web visitors into leads or customers. A website would only be able to convince the web visitors to stay on the page and respond to the calls-to-action if it possesses the above mentioned qualities, such as engaging content, fast loading speed, clear call-to-action buttons and striking graphic. If your website is not user friendly, then the chances of converting web visitors would be significantly minimized. With an audit, you will be able to figure out the improvements you should make to your landing pages and calls-to-action to encourage more website visitors to respond to them and convert into leads or direct customers.

Improve your overall online marketing strategy

Making sure that your website is capable of converting more web visitors into customers or leads is essential to your overall online marketing strategy. With an audit you will be able to determine the health status of your online presence, learn whether your website is optimized properly for search engines and your target audience and learn how you can improve your social media marketing efforts as well. With a properly prepared SEO audit, you will be able to get a detailed report on the above mentioned areas of your online marketing plan. Conducting an audit at least once a year is necessary to make sure that your online marketing efforts are making an impact in terms of increasing your sales and revenue.

How to perform an SEO audit

Content analysis

Content of your website plays a major role in attracting qualified traffic and scoring a top rank in search engines. Therefore, your content should be relevant, authentic and useful. With tools like Google Analytics you can find the most popular pages on your website and check whether the content of these pages are of excellent quality and is devoid of errors.

Site speed analysis

A fast loading speed for your webpages is essential to retain the attention of your visitors and improve their user experience. If the site speed is dangerously slow, you will lose most of your potential customers. With an audit you can check for the speed of the web pages and figure out the elements that may slow down the loading process of your website.

Image analysis

Images play an important role in attracting visitors and delivering your message to them more elaborately. While images can convince the visitors to stay on a web page, they can slow down the loading speed of the page if not properly formatted. Make sure that you include keywords in the Alt tags and that images are compressed to minimize their size.

Competitor analysis

An SEO audit is not solely to check the performance of your website or the effectiveness of your SEO strategy, but it can also be used to determine what your competitor is up to as well. You can check for the SEO activities of your competitors, such as whether they are getting quality backlinks, and build a strategy of your own to stay ahead of them.