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Blog Design

A great blog design for your business’s website could vastly complement your online marketing endeavors. A blog is not only a better way to attract continuous traffic to your business, but it is also an effective way to improve your inbound marketing efforts and to increase sales. While you can provide valuable information about your products and services to your website visitors in a more alluring manner through a regularly maintained blog, you can also build on fan engagement, while simultaneously persuading them to invest their trust in your brand through it.

Our team members at Green Media SEO in New York are not only skilled and enthusiastic in creating unique and compelling blog designs with alluring graphics, but they also have the capacity to write engaging and original content which are specially optimized for search engines. With our support, you will be able to offer your valued customers, as well as potential customers, an impressive web experience that certainly will not be forgotten.

What are the benefits of a great blog design?

Contributes to SEO

If search engines prioritize anything, that is regular fresh content. Through a blog for your business website, you will have the ability to publish fresh content as frequently as possible. By optimizing this content by infusing them with necessary keywords or key phrases and with credible and original information, your site will be able to gain the unwavering support of search engines; hence a guaranteed chance at ranking high in search engine result pages.

Our content writers are not only well educated in the techniques of search engine optimization, but they are also committed researchers. They have the ability to profoundly familiarize themselves with new topics in a fairly short period of time and deliver useful content of high quality. They can help you construct a blog that is full of informative and entertaining articles for your visitors to read as well as to share among their friends and family.

Build a steady relationship with customers

One of the invaluable advantages of a blog is that it allows you to connect with your customers; not only in terms of educating your visitors with topics related to your products and services, but also in terms of hearing what they have to say. The complimentary comments they leave at the end of each blog post will not only help reinforce your brand identification, but they will also help you gain insight into your customers’ needs, demands, queries and suggestions.

Whether they leave positive or negative comments, you can always incorporate them in your future business endeavors; especially in the development of future products and services. Giving the members of your target market a chance to voice their opinions through a unique blog design would certainly help you build an unbreakable bond with them. It will also enable you to maintain effective communication with your current and potential customers.

Drive more traffic to you website

The very survival of a website depends on the amount of traffic it attracts; in such a circumstance, a blog can be the hand that feeds! While a great blog design helps rank high in search engine result pages (which entails driving in more organic traffic), it also gives your visitors a worthy reason to stay on and browse through it. In most cases they will come back to it frequently, because there will always be new fresh articles to read and learn from.

The main reason your buyer visits your website is to learn about your products; a blog full of articles with relevant information will aptly quench their thirst to know more. It will also give more credibility to your business which the visitors will consider favorably. Every blog post you write is another indexed page and another indexed page is an additional chance for you to appear in search results; it will increase your site’s visibility and drive in more traffic.

Gain influence

A blog post or article consists of information related to your services or products; therefore it is fair to consider that each post is a creative, alluring and clever way of endorsing your products and services which your target market can purchase from you. You can use each and every aspect of your blog (its design, images and written content) to emphasize the best elements of your brand, especially its benefits, to convince your customers to invest their trust in you.

Blog posts, which can make a remarkable impression on your visitor, will help you establish brand authority; and your customers will help you back by sharing the interesting and informative blog posts among their own friends and family, hence giving your brand free publicity. You can also share your blog posts across various social media platforms and other reliable websites in order to gain more exposure to your brand and business.

Increase sales and double your revenue

All of the above mentioned benefits of a great blog design will ultimately help you increase your sales and revenue. A top rank on search engine result pages, optimized and authentic content, a unique design, increased traffic and impressive social signals from social media sites will definitely drive in more customers to your website. The web visitors will be easily encouraged to trust your brand; they will contribute to help you gain the optimal return on investment.

The credibility and reliability of your brand, which you will be able to establish with your blog, will encourage your website visitors to convert into paying customers. Sharing your blog content via social media sites and other information-related platforms will serve as a cost-effective way for you to market your brand name. It will also help you reach out to new markets which were previously untapped, hence expanding your reach as well as your clientele.

Reinforce your brand reputation

A blog has a grandeur notion to it than a mere website does, for its content is based on deep research and is more detailed than that of a website. While you have the ability to add a blog to your current website, you can also maintain a blog as your main website; in any case it will contribute to increasing organic traffic to your site and doubling your return. It will specially help you build brand authority by exposing it to a wider target audience through your blog.

Our Green Media SEO’ expert team of blog writers in New York has managed several blog design projects that have shown amazing results. They will conduct through research on your product and services and your target market, before they start writing informative and entertaining blog posts. You can partner with us in order to witness a prosperous transformation in your online marketing strategy by allowing us to design your blog.

Useful blog design tips

A great header

The purpose of a blog is to deliver information about your products or services in a much detailed manner, especially in a way that would alert your customers about the benefits of conducting business with you. Hence, you should be able to attract the attention of your web visitor immediately. The easiest way to grab the attention of your visitor is to entice them with a great header that would aptly summarize the very essence of the blog post.

Unique color theme

While you can grab the attention of the web visitor with a catchy header, a striking color theme can further impress and appeal to your visitor. If the customer is pleased by the color theme of your blog design when he comes to read a blog post, he will decide to stay on the page and read through the content. Here it is also important to make sure that the colors you choose for the design do represent your brand image as well as your products and services.

Variety of fonts

Fonts are just as important as the color theme or the header, because they also play a leading role in making an impact on the eye and the mind of the visitor. Using a font that would grab the attention of the web visitor is the first step of convincing him to read the blog post. Using one single font would undoubtedly create a monotonous impact on the reader, but a variety of fonts would draw the attention of your web visitor and entice him to read on.

The right image

Long paragraphs of content could bore the reader. While information is the key element of a blog, it is important to accompany each blog post with a relevant image that would appeal to the readers. At the same time it is important to format the image properly, lest it should take time to load, thus slowing down the page loading speed. You can also incorporate info-graphics to present the essence of the blog post in a more visually appealing manner.