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Responsive Website design

It is not an understatement to say that mobile devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, have taken over or replaced desktop computers and laptops. People are capable of performing almost all the tasks that were exclusive to desktops (from merely browsing the internet to shopping online) on their handheld devices now. In fact people prefer these mobile devices because they are way more convenient and easier to use when they are on-the-go. Therefore, it goes without saying that, a responsive website or a website that adapts itself to any and all screen sizes, to represent your business online, could be the catalyst for the generation of more sales and revenue.

The increase in the usage of mobile devices with the sophisticated ability to browse the web is accompanied by the growth of mobile-friendly websites, mobile applications and responsive websites. While more than 50% of web searches are conducted via mobile phones or tablets, it has become imperative that businesses invest in a responsive website design in order to retain the attention of such mobile web searchers.

Green Media SEO, as a top web developing firm in New York, is well informed of and familiar with all the new technological innovations and the following changes in the cyber world of the 21st century. Our team is tech savvy and is keen on new inventions. Responsive web designing for businesses to them is not only a mere formal task, but it is also their passion and is what they are trained for and skilled at.

Why it is important for your business to invest in responsive web design

One site for all devices

The most important advantage inherent in a responsive website design is that it completely eliminates the necessity of spending money on developing separate websites for desktop users and mobile device users; a responsive web design would perform well in any device, despite the screen size. As a responsive website is designed to adapt itself to any and all screen sizes, whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smart phone, you will not need to create distinct websites for each platform, hence saving a lot of money and effort. It will also provide equally great user-experience for all your customers; thus you will be able to increase user engagement as well as your conversion rates.

Cover more members of your target market

Lack of a business website which performs well in mobile devices, will cost you more than half of your potential customers. As most people tend to search for places to shop and to visit while they are on-the-go, they tend to conduct the search on their smart phones or tablets. Under such circumstances, if your business website does not respond well on their handheld devices, you will miss out on the opportunity to gain their attention, hence losing potential sales. On the other hand a responsive website will allow you to cover both desktop searchers as well as mobile searchers at the same time, and it will not cost you extra money. This way, it will ensure you a better return on investment.

Better user-experience

A standard website does not perform well or perform at all on mobile devices. Many such websites create a nightmare of user experience for the consumer, through lethargic loading speeds and downloading speeds and smaller texts which have to be re-sized. Such an experience would turn your potential customer to your competitors’ websites. In order to gain their attention and loyalty, you should reward them with a friendly user experience that would gratify them and encourage them to browse through your website with enthusiasm. If you are able to impress them with such an experience they won’t hesitate to invest their trust in your brand when it comes to their purchasing decisions.

Make more sales

Your business website does not merely convey information about your services or products to your customers, but it also speaks for your brand identification; in fact a great website adds value to your brand in terms of its quality and standard. A responsive website, which will perform equally well on any device, will benefit your brand immensely. Your customers will form a favorable impression of your responsive business website, which will partially, if not entirely, control their decision in trusting your brand or whether to purchase your services or products or not. A responsive website design makes for a better user experience, and a friendly user experience makes for more sales.

Better SEO rankings

Search engines, especially Google which has already launched a mobile-friendly update, tend to place responsive websites on top of mobile search engine result pages. Consequently, a responsive design can not only increase organic web traffic to your website, but it will also increase awareness of your brand among your target market, particularly on a local basis. With a responsive web design, you will easily cover all the local customers, who browse the internet via their mobile phones while on the move; hence, it will be an added qualification to improving your local SEO strategy too. It will also help you lower the bounce rates by providing your visitors a user-friendly experience.

Easy to maintain

Responsive website design will offer mobile searchers the same content you offer your desktop searchers, hence eliminating the necessity to compromise your content, like you have to do with a mobile-friendly website. You can easily cater to the needs of your customers despite which device they are using to access the internet. Moreover with a responsive website, you will have to focus your search engine optimization efforts only on one site, instead on several. It will not only be more convenient and cost-effective, but it will also be more productive. The easiest way for you to achieve this is through a responsive website design created by the well-renowned Green Media SEO in New York!

Responsive website design tips

Mobile-first approach

It is important to design your responsive website for mobile users first before you design it for desktops. Before the mobile-first approach was introduced, websites were designed for desktops first, using all the latest technology that would not properly scale down to mobiles. However with the increase of mobile device usage, it is now necessary to focus on them first.

Responsive navigation

When it comes to responsive website design, site navigation should be equally excellent on all devices. Websites which has complicated navigation need to make sure that mobile device users are able to surf through the website without trouble. You can use such methods as hiding the navigation menu with the use of the ‘hamburger’ icon to simplify the navigation of your website.

Website speed

Website speed is as equally important as site navigation. Most mobile users will be using 3G connections to access the web, therefore your website need to load fast. Page loading speed is a Google SEO factor; hence if your webpages load promptly on all devices, both mobile and desktop, the chances are that your website would rank at the top of search engine result pages.

Website content

With a responsive web design you do not have to compromise your content like you have to do if you are designing separate websites for desktop users and mobile users. With a responsive website, you can use the same content for all devices. However, it is important to make sure that the content you choose is laid out according to a structure that is fluid across all devices.