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Website Translation Services

Are you planning on expanding your business reach to an international market? Perhaps to a foreign target market which might not speak English as its first language? You certainly may have questions as to how to promote your brand in English to an audience which does not speak it effectively. The solution is actually quite simple; hire one of the professional website translation services like Green Media SEO.

Translating your website copy into the target language is a cost-effective way of establishing a global business presence. A website that is built on the language, customs and the cultural elements inherent in the particular target market will help you localize your brand among the foreign potential customers, hence building brand authority more effectively in a foreign land.

Green Media SEO provides professional website translation services that are culturally relevant, linguistically correct and SEO approved. We employ translators who have learnt and who speak your target language as their native language, hence ensuring quality translated website copies that will drive in more qualified traffic and increase customer retention rates.

Benefits of website translation services

Expand your customer base

Over 70% of web searchers do not speak English as their native language, and although they may visit websites in English, the likelihood of them responding to any of their calls-to-action or making a purchase from the site is very low; they would be more comfortable in engaging with your website, if it is translated into their own language.

Website translation services help you expand the target market for your services and products, as they allow you to discover new foreign markets. More and more people rely on the web to discover brands that could fulfill their demands and need; hence having a website translated into languages other than English will help you attract customers from all over the world.

Better than machine translation

Many entrepreneurs rely on translation software to get their website copy translated. However this is never recommended, especially since translation software is not capable of adding the element of SEO to your translated website copy. Moreover, there won’t be any guarantee that machine-translated content is accurate or grammatically correct.

On the other hand, hiring website translation services will ensure that your website copy is being translated by native professional translators who know which words and expressions to use and when to use them. They will not translate word to word, but they would internalize the meaning of your English copy and rewrite it appropriately in the foreign language.

Improved SEO

Translating your website into multiple foreign languages is a major SEO booster. Translating content entails driving in more qualified traffic and increasing the user experience of your foreign target market; the more you are able to satisfy your human customers, the more search engines would pick up on it and increase your search engine rankings.

Moreover, Google does not treat the translated copies of your website or blog as duplicated content when it comes to its ranking process. This allows you to safely translate the copy of your website into several languages. In order to create an SEO-proof translated website copy, you need to make sure to hire one of the best website translation services in your town.

Better branding

Translating your website allows you to market your brand more efficiently to a foreign target audience. While using their language to promote your brand to foreign customers help you encourage them to invest more trust in your products, translating your website copy in to multiple languages help increase the credibility of your brand.

Translating the content of your website would also help you create a well-established and professional notion to your business website. Communicating to foreign target audiences in their own language would enable you to increase their confidence in your brand, while at the same time making your website more welcoming and familiar to the global market.

Tips for successful website translation

Do not translate word to word

When translating the content of your website, it is important not to translate word to word. Certain English words may not have the same meaning in another language; therefore, it is important to translate the meaning of the English copy. Once the translator interpret the meaning of the English copy, it is easy to do the translation accurately.

Find out the right keywords to use

Keywords are a major component of any SEO strategy, for they contribute to boosting search engine rankings. However, the same keywords that you have used with your English copy may not have the same effect when it is translated into another language; hence it is important to do separate keyword research to find the relevant keywords in the specific country.

Translate all meta data and title tags

Only translating the content on your web pages is not enough for a successful website translation. Title tags, meta descriptions, Alt texts etc. also play a part in contributing to increasing your website’s rank in search engines. Thus, it is important to translate them as well in to the target language and optimize them with the keywords that you have found.

Use culturally relevant pictures

When it comes to website translation, you should not only focus on written content; visual content also plays a major role in making a memorable impression on your foreign target customers. While the culture may differ from one country to another, it is important to take the cultural elements in to consideration when selecting the images for the site.