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Website Design

Your website, which represents your business, is a major tool of propaganda for your brand. A website is not only a source that simply carries information about the products and services you sell to your current and potential customers, but it is also the source which helps you raise awareness for your brand and build brand authority. Accordingly, it goes without saying that a well-designed website will act in your favor at every turn, especially when it comes to expanding your clientele. It will increase your rank in search engine result pages while increasing your business reputation over your competitors’.

Searching websites which are related to a product or service he is about to purchase has become an indispensable part of the shopping experience of the modern consumer. Consequently, a website to speak for what you have to offer to fulfill the need of your customer is no longer a matter of option, but rather of necessity. Our professional team at Green Media SEO in New York consists of creative graphic designers, innovative website developers, talented content writers, professional SEO experts plus resourceful marketers who can help you achieve your goals and targets more easily than you believed.

Why you should invest in a quality website design for your business

It will reinforce your brand identity

A website is in fact an extension of your business; therefore it should aptly represent your brand by raising awareness on its behalf. A good and reliable design, for that matter, will create a wonderful web experience for your visitors, hence generating a very positive impression of your brand on their minds.

Our team can design your website in a way that each of its elements, from its color theme to its navigation, would reflect on the prestige of your brand; hence creating a memorable impression and experience that would encourage your visitors to refer to your website again while recommending it to their friends and family.

It will pave way for a loyal customer base

An exceptional website design will not only make a good first impression on your visitors, but it will also persuade them to trust and rely on your services and products. It will encourage the web users to choose yours from your competitors’, coaxing them to browse through it, which will ultimately lead them to making a purchase.

A quality web design has the power to generate more organic traffic, but it will not end there; it will increase the number of your clients, not just any clients who would be done with you once they make a purchase, but customers who would keep you in mind till the next time they require a product which is available in your store.

It will earn you a higher business status

A successful online marketing strategy is defined by the quality and the reliability of a website which represents your business. In order to aim for a higher rank among your competitors in the field and in search engine result pages, you need to invest in a professional and quality website design that is exceptional and productive.

In order to stand out among your competitors especially in search engines, you need to offer something special and valuable for your current and potential customers online. A great way to their heart is through a website that speaks to them and inspires them. A quality website, therefore, is an essential investment you should make.

Gain higher rankings in search engines

Faster loading speeds, properly formatted high resolution images, relevant and authentic content, smooth coding, a stable link profile and easy navigation are the major characteristics of a quality website design. In terms of Search Engine Optimization these are essential qualities a website should have to rank high in SERPs.

A higher ranking is a surefire way of attracting increased highly qualified traffic to your website and gaining a distinguished position on search result pages. A quality and unique website design layout is the only way to make sure that your customers visit and stay on your site until the moment they convert into a paying customer.

It will help you obtain recommendation from other sites

The design of your website acts as a standard of evaluation of your business, for both the web visitors and other websites looking to link back to your site. Consequently, one that is attractive, user-friendly and provides valuable information will be sought upon by other websites which would recommend your site to their audiences.

Being able to be recommended by other reliable and reputable websites would not only improve your link profile (which would in turn complement your SEO strategy), but it will also expose your brand to numerous customers who would eventually contribute to increasing your website’s traffic rates and conversion rates.

It will be a great investment in terms of finance

A website design that shows great potential in all of its features will have a longer lifespan. Unlike a disastrous design which requires constant reconditioning, a layout that embodies all the valued and crucial features will not be a burden on your budget. It will also be effective in attracting qualified customers and retaining their attention.

It will bring great long term benefits that would help you build and expand your business. A great website design can be worth a thousand new media (i.e. social media) or traditional media (i.e. TV, radio, print media) campaigns that would cost you a lot of money. With a great website, you will get the best return on investment.

Tips to create a quality website design

Fast loading website design

Once the web visitor clicks on your website, you have only about ten seconds to win his attention and convince him to stay and browse through your site. If your site fails to load within the limited time it gets, your visitor would abandon it and turn to another website. Accordingly, it is essential to make sure that your website has a fast loading speed.

Clear navigation

The navigation of your website is as important as its loading speed. Clear navigation is part of retaining the attention of your visitor and offering them a user-friendly web experience; hence, you need to make sure that all your important links are displayed clearly and that your main business information is accessible from all parts of your website.

Readable font types

When it comes to a website design, the font size and type are as essential as the content itself. While you should provide only relevant, useful and authentic content, you need to make sure that the content is presented in clear and professional looking fonts. The font you chose has an impact on the professionalism of your site, hence, avoid Comic Sans and fancy fonts.

Remove distractions

When a potential client visits your website, you need to get them to pay attention to the content of your website. Auto-loading audios or videos, blinking or scrolling texts, animated GIFs and pop up advertisements will distract and even annoy your website visitors. In order to retain their attention and interest, therefore, you need to remove all distracting elements.