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Website Redesign

Has your website failed in converting web visitors into customers? Has it been more successful in turning your customers away from you with slow loading speeds, poor content and plunging search result ranking? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to redesign your website.

Website redesign allows you to correct the mistakes you have done with your current website and create a new site that would be more effective in converting web visitors and promoting your brand. An under-performing website is a major obstacle to the progression of your online marketing strategy; consequently your overall marketing efforts will deteriorate over time. On the other hand, redesigning your website allows you to re-brand your business, redefine the values and the mission of your company and make another first impression that is better than your previous one on your customers.

Green Media SEO based in New York, USA is a leading website design and redesign company. Our talented graphic designers, web developers, content writers and SEO specialists utilize their creativity, knowledge and experience in creating website designs that would not only retain the attention of the visitors and convince them to convert into customers, but also would complement your SEO strategy by getting your website a top rank on search results pages.

Benefits of website redesign

A chance to start over

If your current website has failed in its responsibility of driving in increased web traffic and converting the web visitors to customers (and as a result your sales are dropping fast), it is time to start over. Although you may think that starting over is not possible, with a redesigned website, you can literally re-brand yourself.

With a website redesign, you can recreate your brand identity, correct the mistakes of your website to offer a better user experience for your customers and redefine the vision of your company. Although it will not help you resolve any internal issues, it will help your customers form a new impression of your brand.

Create more exposure

A website design that under-performs does not achieve much, not in generating conversions or in brand exposure. In fact, it would deteriorate in its status, search result rank and in its effect on the clients. Consequently, it would continue to be a burden on your budget, for it would not help you get the due return on investment.

Then again, redesigning your website will enable you to overcome the drawbacks that are preventing you from achieving your goals. A website that is updated and includes quality content and striking graphics will generate more conversions. You can also promote it across web galleries to create more exposure.

Increase search engine friendliness

If your previous website failed to come on top of search engine results pages for the relevant search queries, then it had failed in Search Engine Optimization. Lack of a top search rank will not only reflect negatively on your website’s status, but it will also discourage your customers from investing their trust in your brand.

Redesigning your website allows you to adopt a more effective and productive SEO strategy that would boost your search engine rankings. The right SEO steps will drive in more qualified traffic, improve the user experience of your visitors and generate more conversions; hence automatically increasing your sales and revenue.

Improved web user experience

The main reason why your former website failed in grabbing the attention of your visitors and converting them into customers is its low-quality user experience. When your website has slow loading speeds, complicated navigation, unclear call-to-action buttons etc., it fails to convince the visitor to stay on the page or convert.

With a website redesign, you can remove the elements that are obstructing the user experience of your website. You can create simpler navigation, properly format your images and speed up the loading of your web pages, add clearer CTA buttons and remove unnecessary visual clutter to improve your website’s performance.

Tips for successful website redesign

Figure out the mistakes of your current site

In order to redesign your website to improve its performance and its user experience, you need to figure out what is wrong with your current site. Being aware of these mistakes and analyzing them will help you build a more effective strategy that will leave no chance to redesign once again. In order to build a successful website this time, you need to avoid the mistakes of your current site and incorporate ideal solutions during the redesign.

Conduct necessary research

Perhaps the main reason for the failure of your current website is the lack of research during its designing process. When you launch your website to the vast space of the internet, which is filled with many websites of your competitors, you need to have an idea as to how to stay ahead of the game. Redesigning your website only to be defeated by your competitor is a waste of money and effort; hence conducting research before redesigning is essential.

Include remarkable content

Perhaps, the failure of your current website owes itself to your lack of an effective content strategy. Content is one of the most important elements of a website, for it helps a website rank high on search engine result pages and attract qualified web visitors and convert them into loyal customers. As such is the case, making sure that the content of your website is relevant, useful, credible and original is an essential website redesigning step you must make.

Optimize your website for mobile

The usage of mobile devices to access the internet has escalated rapidly; consequently, lack of a mobile-friendly or responsive website will cost you disastrously. A standard website will not function properly on the smaller screens of mobile devices, hence negatively affecting the user experience of your client. However, a mobile friendly or responsive website would adapt itself perfectly on a mobile device and enhance the experience of your mobile clients.